Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, January 27, 2006

See You There!

Just an quick update on the upcoming CNY Bloggers Gathering!

The date, time and venue is confirmed as follow:

Date: Friday, 3rd February 2006 (CNY Day 6th/初六)
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Milwaukee Steakhouse

The following are the confirmed attendees:

And those who are still standing on the fence:

Please feel free to contact me for any issue related to the gathering (directions, transport arrangement etc.). I could be reached on my inter-galactic-satelite-phone at 012 3088 958.

See you there and then!!

p/s: Please don't give my number to any psycho/stalkers/murderer/rapist etc.

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Woof! Woof!

Tomorrow will be Chinese New Year's eve and we will welcoming the year of the Dog soon. I am sure everyone are busy doing their once-a-year spring cleaning at their respective home and preparing for the big reunion dinner. J and I are no exceptions. We have been shopping for more than 3 weekends to get Little Skywalker some new clothes and new toys. J also exchanged plenty new notes to be used as ang pow money (there goes our bonus!). We do not need to do much cleaning at home except to vacuum every spot and everything in the house as we will be spending most of the time in either my parents or my in-laws' place.

This will be Little Skywalker's second Chinese New Year since he was born. Our family started to celebrate the Big Day in KL area since last year. We used to travel back to our hometown, Parit (somewhere near Ipoh) before that. It's more exciting and happening at our hometown. Nevertheless, it's also fun to celebrate CNY at KL as there will be less traveling needed since everyone lives quite close to each other. My newly-wed brother (in Penang) and my sister (in Singapore) will be arriving at KL today.

J will still be working half day tomorrow. I will be at home with Little Skywalker as usual. I am still deciding whether to bring Little Skywalker to a small bloggers' gathering at 1U because nobody wants to go with me. I needed someone to hold Little Skywalker down while I am driving since I do not have a car seat for him. Even if I had, I doubt he would wanna be strapped in. Anyway, I hope someone would be kind enough to fetch us there (*wink).

J and I will be off for the whole of next week. Hence, this blog will not be updated for the next 9 days. My family and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone:

Happy Chinese New Year
恭喜发财, 财源广进
龙马精神, 身体健康
年年有余, 一家团圆
汪! 汪! 汪!
旺! 旺! 旺!

p/s: Jazz, how's my son's card? LOL!

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back To School

Little Skywalker spends most of his time at my parents' house during the weekdays. His favourite playmate is my 13-years-old brother and my 3-years-old dog. He usually follows my parents to send my brother off to his school. It's not surprising that he's able to pick up words such as bag, book, school, school bus, pen, pencil etc. easily.

Ever since someone gave Little Skywalker a bag and us buying him a table, he likes to carry his bag and pretend to be at school when he comes home with us. He would open up his book and flipping it non-stop while muttering on pictures that he recognizes.

I guess the little guy just can't wait to go to school!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Naughty Face

Being the mischievous monkey of the household, Little Skywalker is always entertaining us with his funny antics. A few days ago, he showed me his latest trick.

Behold, "My Naughty Face!"

With any luck, J and I will get a hint before he plans anything naughty in the future...

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Moon! Moon!

Little Skywalker was playing with his magnetic dust drawing board in the living hall one afternoon. J and I were doing some house work (mine was probably watching TV). Out of the blue, Little Skywalker came running towards and kept yelling, "Moon! Moon!". Despite being proud at his perfect pronunciation, we were still puzzled as to how he managed to catch a glimpse of any moon in the middle of the day, not to mentioned being indoor.

As we were still hanging by our jaws trying to figure out the situation, Little Skywalker persisted with his "Moon! Moon!" chant and tried to pull us by our fingers to see "his moon"...

Voila! "His Moon"!

p/s: This Luke van Gogh masterpiece entitled "His Moon" is being auctioned at RM1 million!

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Talk About Bad Gifts...

My son was invited to a birthday party by that funny mummy whose job was to hunt down people's head (head-hunter). As a proud tradition of mankind, we planned to bring along a present in "exchange" or the free lunch at Burger King. We were supposed to get the present on Saturday evening when we went shopping at Tesco, but I guess we were distracted by the crazy kiasu crowd there. I mean they basically killing each other over some boxes of so-called honey mandarin and soft drinks. So much for developed mindset!

J and I brought Little Skywalker to have our breakfast at Jusco on Sunday morning around 11am as well as to buy a birthday present. Probably due to the "traumatic" experience the night before, I got the gender of the birthday person all wrong! I thought it was Reeve's (her son who was actually just over 16 months old) third birthday instead of Renee (her daughter). We ended up getting the wrong stuff! Served me right for reading over 30+ of parents' blogs daily and get mixed up with all the names of the "little people".

It was not until we arrived at Burger King that J realized my HUGE mistake! Being stucked between making a total ass of ourselves and giving Renee a "weird" present, we chose the former. Fortunately that funny mommy emphasized repeatedly when she invited us about "NO GIFTS!". Or else, we might have just took off immediately!

The party was great! (I totally recommend her as a party planner!) I got to meet up with other bloggers including r&r mami, Ray Ern's mum and Lauren's mum for the first time. Although we did not talked much (probably feeling too pai seh for "not bringing any present!") and spent most of the time chasing after hyperactive kids around, we enjoyed it very much (you can read more about it here). Little Skywalker was his sociable self as usual, he hugged almost all the children that were present at the party and made many new friends. Other mommies were quite convinced about what I wrote previously how Little Skywalker is not afraid of strangers.

Later at night, we were deciding on what to do with the "bad gift" that we bought. Unfortunately for poor souls like us, shopping malls in Malaysia do not have any return policy. Or else, we would have exchanged it for a Barbie doll or something more girly for cute little Renee. Finally, I decided to keep the present for myself and get another replacement gift for Renee later. As you can see, we actually bought a remote control F1 car intended for a three year old boy! Too bad it never reached its intended recipient...

After putting in the batteries, I tried out remote car in front of Little Skywalker. He was quite ecstatic and scared at the same time. After a few minutes of careful maneuvering, I finally calmed him down as he watched me "drove" happily around the house for the next 10 minutes (I guess boys will be boys... forever!).

As I took a break from "driving", J decided to take over the steering wheel and continued my task of entertaining Little Skywalker. She made the car go around him in circular pattern instead. Little Skywalker was spinning himself (and laughing all the way) while locking his eyes on the car as well.

A few seconds later, something horrible happened! I did not witness the event as I had my back facing them. All I heard was Little Skywalker crying! I guess the poor guy must be feeling dizzy and sick from all the spinning and fell on the floor. (Lesson learned: never let a mummy behind the wheel of an F1 car!) On the bright side, he only fell sitting down on his ass. Unfortunately, he landed on the F1 car and got bruised on his thigh! As you can see from the picture, it looked as if it crashed into a wall and damaged it's front wheel! It's such a pity that my new toy didn't survived even 30 minutes after coming out of it's box...

Served me right for buying the wrong present!

p/s: Sorry Renee, u.Egghead learned his lesson :(

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Friday, January 20, 2006


Kena twice in a day! Anyway, this is for Selba and De Book Worm...

4 Jobs I’ve Had In My Life
  • Citibank Clerk cum IT personnel (lucky me, work 3 months after SPM and yet get to attend their annual dinner)
  • IT personnel at the Archbishop office in KL (am I a saint or what?)
  • Software developer (first actual job and still doing)
  • Managing Director (can put any title I like because it's my own company - 1 boss/staff)
4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
  • The Rock (Sean Connery rocks!)
  • The Hunt for Red October (Sean again, am I that gay?)
  • The Sound of Music (that where I learn my do-re-mi)
  • My Fair Lady (that's where I learn my Engerish)
4 TV Shows I have Love(d) To Watch
  • Friends
  • Star Trek - Voyager
  • Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Seinfeld
4 Places I’ve Lived
  • KL
  • KL
  • KL
  • still KL :(
4 Places I’ve Been On Vacation To
  • Korea
  • Europe (I was 4, cannot remember a thing)
  • Perth
  • Genting (my favourite due to the low temperature!)
4 Places I Would Rather Be In
  • my own private jet
  • a huge cruise ship
  • a banglow in the Swedish mountains
  • starship
4 Of My Favourite Foods
  • Lobsters
  • Crabs
  • Oily and fat stuff
  • Any food that suit my taste, regardless the material
4 Websites I Visit Daily
4 Unfortunate Souls Tagged
Again, I don't owe anyone anything before CNY :P

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Shop Till You Drop!

Another one from our pre-CNY shopping spree, but this one is on Little Skywalker and we let the pictures do the talking...

"I had to play with this in the mall as my parents are too stingy to buy one for me!!"

"Get me one of this at home!!!"

"You see... this is why I need one of this to arrest everyone I hate!!"

"I saw Dr House smashing on of this to the wall on TV, maybe I should try it..."

"Guess where I am??"

"Screw the MIB! I prefer orange! I am the best of the best of the best!"

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

CNY Bloggers Gathering

Following the first announcement, the organizing committee had received various feedback and suggestion. After due considerations, it has been confirmed as follow:
Date: Friday, 3rd February 2006 (CNY Day 6th/初六)
Milwaukee Steakhouse

We are also happy to announce the following confirmed attendees:

We are also hoping that the following unconfirmed attendees to come:

Kindly notify me if I accidentally left anyone out. For others who are interested, kindly leave a comment here or inform me so that I can get a estimation of headcount in order to make a reservation.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Next Best Thing!

Apart from getting fun stuff for Little Skywalker throughout our hypermart tour, we did not forget to buy some stuff for ourselves as well. Most of the items we got was from IKEA. No, we did not buy any furnitures and big items, we got ourselves some small items that we could afford. Among the few items we bought, I like to present to you the next best thing since the remote control... voila!

As you can see, everything eventually ends up as Little Skywalker's toys at our home...

p/s: I've submitted my site up for a review and it's finally out.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Latest Addition!

Went on a hypermart tour along with J and Little Skywalker for the past two weekends as part of our grand Chinese New Year tradition (same goes for other festivals). Apart from stocking up for the Dog Year celebrations (the usual soft drinks and stuff), we got Little Skywalker some fun stuff too!

Item 1: Sesame Street Baby Set (Fisher-Price)
From Jusco. Starring Oscar, Elmo, Ernie and Cookie Monster with different mechanism to activate them (push button, turning knob, left-right switch and up-down switch). Every button will pop the characters out of their box/dustbin/cookie jar accompanied by their unique punch line. (RM80+ after discount)

Item 2: Colorful Table and Chair Set
From Toy'r Us 1U. Comes with a table and two chairs (or are they stools). The centre surface of the table can be overturn to reveal a platform for building blocks which is stored in the compartment under the surface. Anyway, we use it to have our food most of the time. This item is fully paid with cash vouchers exchanged with Bonuslink points. (worth RM120+)

Put them together and voila... priceless!

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another Bloggers Bash - First Announcement

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner and everyone in a holiday mood, the organizing committee of the previous Kepong Bloggers Gathering decided to host another bash to celebrate the event. However, we are still hoping for feedback from interested bloggers (especially parents) on the date and venue. The tentative date and venue are as follows:

Date: 3rd or 4th February 2006 (CNY Day 6th or 7th)
Time: 6.30pm (but you can expect KL Yam-Seng timing)
Venue: Milwaukee Steakhouse

Let me remind you again that we are still expecting feedback on the date and venues. Your suggestions are most welcomed. Kindly bear in mind that most of us are working class people, so please don't suggest a working day to hold the event.

Hoping to hear from you soon!

p/s: for those who missed out on the previous gathering, you can click here, here, here, here, here and here for some post-event coverage.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Me Meme

Kena from all directions this time, namely shiaulin, Jesslyn, Sue, geetha, Selba... I guess I better do it before I kena more. It's not nice to owe someone before Chinese New Year huh? Here goes nothing...

The Rules:
Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom spot.
  1. Little People - Sue
  2. Lyon & Wien - Jesslyn
  3. Essence of Love - Geetha
  4. Snippets of Life - Shiaulin
  5. Little Luke "Skywalker" - Egghead
What were you doing ten years ago?
Just got my driving license and went on a driving spree on an old junk car (trust me, really really junk) which my father's friend gave him. I also went on a four days trip to Langkawi Island with my classmates (by train) and drove around the whole island with a rented car (one of my best vacation ever!)

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Little Skywalker just came into my family after a horrifying week in hospital which left a permanent scar in me. J and I had to readjust our lives according to our son's wishes. I am no longer the King in the family, but demoted to a slave :P

Five super fatty and high cholesterol snacks you enjoy:

  1. Pringles potato chips
  2. Cadbury milk chocolates (those mass produced stuff)
  3. Mango pudding
  4. French fries
  5. Bacon - can rarely get it nowadays, sigh!
Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:

  1. Twinkle twinkle little star
  2. Baa baa black sheep
  3. Ding dong bell
  4. I'll be there for you - The Rembrandts
  5. Santa Claus is coming to town
Five things you would do if you were a millionaire billionaire:
  1. Buy a Nissan Sentra (my dream car) to replace mine
  2. Get my family aboard some big cruise ships and travel around the world in more than 80 days
  3. Set up a trust fund for my family and Little Skywalker
  4. Get a land, design and build my own house (mixture of European and Japanese culture) and put my whole family in it
  5. Get myself a plane (not the small ones, but one of those 747 type) and learn how to pilot one myself
Five bad habits:
  1. Cursing while driving and stucked in a jam
  2. Not able to remember anyone by their names, instead labelled everyone as "ooi"
  3. Lazy to help out in house work
  4. Perfectionist in my work
  5. Bath late at night - right before bed-time
Five things you like doing:
  1. Watch DVDs
  2. Playing with Little Skywalker
  3. Travelling in a cruise ship
  4. Wake up at 10am and spend the next 1 hour lying in bed with my wife and Little Skywalker
  5. Eating delicious and unhealthy food
Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:
  1. bulky PDA
  2. stuffed toys for my son
  3. broom - the dust will kill my nose
  4. Hong Kong movie DVDs
  5. direct selling stuff
Five favorite “toys”:
  1. this place
  2. mobile phones
  3. digital camera
  4. my DVDs archive
  5. any high-tec gadgets
Then you select five victims people to pass the curse love on to:
  1. That Trading Fella
  2. That Lazybone
  3. That Miche
  4. That 1+2
  5. That Jeff (No, not that Jeff)
Now I can celebrate my Chinese New Year liao!!

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Socks Buddies

I was folding the laundry yesterday and I stuffed all my socks aside (to be folded later) as usual. Little Skywalker saw all my socks in the basket and decided to knock the basket to land on its side (as he could not reach the bottom of the basket). He then took a pair of socks (one on each hand) and head towards me, shouting "wear! wear!". At first, I thought he was asking me to wear my socks. Then he sat down in front of me stretching out his legs, hinting me to do the obvious.

I had no choice but to help him put on my socks, which looks like those once trendy loose socks (松袜) on the ladies. I can't help but took out my Lumix to capture his funny antics later...

p/s: sorry for being too lazy to add on narratives

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yam Seng 2 - KL (Part 2)

We went home for an afternoon nap after all the traditional wedding ceremonies earlier. We were reminded to gather at my parents' house again around 5pm as we need to be assigned our evening shift. Little Skywalker also took a long nap with us after doing his "important" part for the lucky couple.

Later in the evening, we were assigned the task of organizing the seating arrangements for our guests. We wrote some simple wordings like "In-Laws", "Kampung Folks", "School Friends", "Colleagues" and "Ex-colleagues" on some card boards (made out of extra wedding invitations) to be placed on each table. I had a tough time assigning tables to each groups as I do not want to offend anyone, especially our relatives. Being the eldest son, you would think that I know all of our relatives. But seriously, I don't, but I did the best that I could.

The wedding dinner was held at the same restaurant where J and I threw a family dinner for Little Skywalker's one year old birthday. I decided to held it there as a food tasting session before my family made a decision on the venue of this wedding dinner. I was coordinating "our team" in showing our VIP and not-so-VIP guests to their seats. J were busy chasing Little Skywalker around the restaurant as he did not wanna sit still (duh!).

Little Skywalker did a funny thing while he was walking around the restaurant. I guess he must have seen me writing on those little card boards and putting them on each table. He decided to hold a pen on one hand while a card on the other and walked around as if he is registering the names of all the guests. He pretended to write something on the card while he is walking as well. What an actor!

Our guests are quite "punctual" as most of them already arrived before 8pm (with KL in a different time-zone and all). We informed the bride and groom to hop on their car en route to the restaurant. The bridge was in a green (or was it yellow) evening gown while the groom was in a white jacket with a greyish tie. They made a grand entrance (again!) to their table with the wedding march music playing in the background and applause from the audience.

The food was served as usual. Little Skywalker had another two bowls of shark's fin soup (again!). J and I were seated together with some of my brother's ex-colleague. Being the official camera man, I had to go round each table to take a snap-shot of all the guests that attended the dinner. I guess I am the last person the auditor would look for if they suspect anyone of not paying up. What can be more convincing other than a visual proof? LOL!

The event came to it's highlight when it was time to yam-seng (again!). The restaurant owner-cum-MC went up to the stage and stole the lime-light. He invited my mother on the stage first to crack a few jokes. Subsequently, both my parents together with the bride's parents were invited up to the stage as well. Normally, the eldest son (me being) would be needed on stage as well. However, I was the camera man and the stage wasn't big enough for everyone, I just stood in front of the stage with my back facing everyone :P

The couple had their yam seng (3x) and cake-cutting ceremony before both parents went off the stage as the MC requested the couple to remain where they are. The highlight reaches it's peak when the MC cracked another round of jokes and he requested the couples to kiss in the end. My brother and his wife kissed for less than a second upon request (most probably on the surface of their lips only).

The MC then requested for another "chance" to be given to the newly-wed couple for a longer and "wetter" kiss. Succumbing to pressure from the "audience" (with no less shouting from me of course), they kissed another time, but this time it lasted more than 5 seconds (with some help from me for the delay in pressing the snap button on my camera). I told J that I am selling that particular photo for a big sum enough to cover my financial losses for the wedding.

The dinner ended around 10pm and the guests are starting to leave. As usual, we (I mean my parents and the celebrated couple) would line up in front of the restaurant to thank all our relatives and friends for attending the dinner and their generous contributions. After everyone left, we stayed back a while to collect all the unopened wine, soft drinks and mineral water to be brought home. Being the kind little guy he is, Little Skywalker saw us carrying the bottles and decided to help out too!

There went my brother's fairytale wedding and they live happily ever after... THE END!

Next stop: Seremban

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yam Seng 2 - KL (Part 1)

After our exhaustive to-and-fro trip to Gopeng the day before, we slept through the night like a log. If not for the wake-up call from my parents' place that reminded us to go over to help out, we would have slept through the entire wedding ceremony. We dragged our sleepy ass off the bed and took a bath to freshen ourselves before heading over to my parents' place.

We could see that everyone was busy doing some last minute preparation for the ceremony. My job was to buy some ice from seven-eleven as well as driving back to my house for a nice Japanese style teapot and cups for the tea-serving (敬茶) ceremony. Did I mention that my parents' place was repainted before the wedding? The job was done by none other than my father with a bit of help from my brothers and sisters. My creative little sister even painted some drawing on one of the wall to lighten up the house.

The wedding entourage arrived slightly pass noon. Funny thing, the "wedding car" had to park 100m from the house for 10 minutes in order to wait for the rest of the entourage to arrive before announcing their grand arrival with their loud car horns. The bride and groom also had to wait in the car for five minutes before the designated door-boy (my little brother) remembered to open the door for them.

As usual, the door-boy received a big fat ang-pow from the groom for the "amazing task" that he performed. They also posed in front of the camera so that I could capture some proof that the ang-pow was indeed given and received. Everyone was ushered into the house for some food, drinks and not forgetting, a well deserved rest after a similar tea-serving ceremony in the morning at Gopeng and traveling for almost two hours back to KL.

After some rest, the bride and groom continued their "mission" by first standing in front of our catholic altar where the groom said a prayer (silently of course) for blessings from the ONE above. Then, they proceeded to our ancestors' altar (祖先神主牌) to burn some incense (上香), so that our ancestors can also witness our newly added member of our family.

Right after that came the biggest and longest ceremony of all, the tea-serving thingy. This is also where a huge sum of cash changed hands. To my calculation, if these money were to be taken into account in our taxes, then our nation's economy will be given a giant boost by weddings alone! This was also when J and I drank the most expensive four cups of Chinese tea in our lives! I guess there is a price to pay for our "promotion" huh? But come to think of it, weren't we the same one who slashed the necks of all our relatives a few years back? LOL!

After the couple served tea to the elders (长辈) and getting their pockets full, it was their turn to bleed instead. The couple will be served tea by everyone younger than them instead. The other star of the day, Little Skywalker was the last one to walk up to the lucky couple in order receive his little red packets. He didn't even need to serve any tea to get them! Lucky him!

When the little "tea party" ended, we proceeded to the bedroom where Little Skywalker took the centre stage. He has two major tasks ahead of him then. The first one was the traditional "breaking of the potty" thingy where he had to "punch" through the red paper that was wrapped on top a little potty and take out whatever stuff that were in it (including another red packet of course). He had no problems roughing through that thin layer of paper with all his usual destructive skills.

The second stunt that he had to perform was to jump on the couple's bed in order to bring babies luck to the newly-wed couple. Little Skywalker was quite reluctant to jump on the bed, given the fact that he has not quite learnt how to jump yet. However, he did tried to imitate a jumping action by raising both his arms in the air and bending his legs a bit. After that, he was distracted by a box of Ferrero Rocher that was placed on the bed instead.

We ended the afternoon by taking a few family photo (全家福) in front of our house (don't we all look alike). After that, everyone took a break before another round of yam seng in the evening.

to be continued...

p/s: Yes, I am back! Sorry for being MIA for the past few days as I was worked till death by my boss's last minute thingy...

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