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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Yam Seng 1 - Gopeng

The original plan was to leave very early (around 5-6am) so that we can have a traditional Dim Sum breakfast at Ipoh (which was highly recommended by the famous food taster). Unfortunately, things did not went according to plan as usual. We only managed to wake up around 8.30am. After some dili-dalay, we headed to my parents' place an hour later to pick up my grandparents. Little Skywalker was already very excited when he heard the word "gai gai" and was hassling me to bring him to the driver's seat way before we were ready to leave.

Since it was the famous Winter Festival (冬至), my grandparents made "Tang Yuan" (汤圆) and insisted that we had some. Little Skywalker also joined in the gang to roll some "Tang Yuan". Hence, we were further delayed for another two hours before we finally departed from KL around 11.30am. So much for Ipoh Dim Sum breakfast!

We were supposed to head towards the TNB bungalow at Ipoh (where everyone will be staying for the night). However, I did not know the directions and had to wait for my uncle to check in. We had no choice but to loiter around Ipoh town and managed to get J a good pair of shoes at the Ipoh Parade. My uncle arrived about an hour later and we all headed to the TNB bungalow together.

The TNB bungalow is located at the famous Tiger Lane area (where all the big bungalows for the rich and famous are located). However, I am sad to say that its maintenance and up keeping fared badly compared to the TNB PD Resort. The air-cond in the master bed room was missing for no apparent reason. There were beds only in two rooms. Only one water heater was working. On the bright side, the areas surrounding the bungalow was huge. There were green area everywhere for Little Skywalker to run about like a horse and fall down without hurting himself.

We stayed back to rest while my uncle and my brother went to decorate the "wedding car". Everyone took turns to bath before we headed to the dinner venue around 5.30pm in fear of traffic jam. In fact, we were the first ones (from our side of the family) to arrive. No one recognized who we were, including my brothers' parents-in-law. But I did manage to find our tables at the front row. My parents and gang arrived about half an hour later after they went for a yam-cha session nearby.

The wedding dinner was held at the local MCA hall and there were more than 50 tables! Almost all the guests arrived by 6.30pm (unlike KL dinners) and the to-be-wed couple entered the hall around 7pm. My smart brother wore his black tux (what else for guys?) and his bride was in a pink evening gown. Both of them entered to a huge applause from more than 500 people (乡亲父老). They were lead in by a local wedding usher (大吟姐) as well.

Dinner began shortly with the first 冷盘 dish - seven happiness. This is the first time I saw so many variety of food on the same plate! Furthermore, every one of them were of generous portion and delicious! I was stuffing my mouth and was almost 50% full when we're done. Little Skywalker enjoyed the yam from the 佛钵 in the middle very much (since there was nothing else he could eat). The sharks' fins soup was served next and Little Skywalker had almost two bowls.

Half way into the dinner, there was an announcement on the speakers. It seems that the local Magnum4D is trying to get into the lime light. The company is sponsoring the lucky couple for a RM288 ticket to a 4D number. The couple is supposed to draw the numbers on the stage. The draw date of the ticket is on the 28th December 2005. 10% of the winnings (if any) will be donated to charity as well. This is so cool! RM288 for 1st prize will pay almost RM1 million! I only wondered why didn't they do that in KL and other cities as well?

Throughout the entire evening, there wasn't a moment of peace and quietness. The karaoke session went on with no break in between! People (mostly aunties) were lining up to get on stage to sing their hearts out! The speakers were so loud that J and I almost went deaf! Apart from singing, a whole group of aunties even went up the stage to dance alongside the bride's mother. The bride's father (a famous local) was busy toasting his way through all the 50 tables.

To return the favour, my parents went up the stage for a couple of songs as well, together with Little Skywalker. He was totally excited and even refused to come down after the songs finished. Hence, we had to keep an eye on him for the rest of the evening while he walked about on the stage and watching people singing. He didn't mind the loud speakers at all (unlike his parents). He was most intrigued when a young girl (around 4-5 years old?) went up to sing!

The dinner ended around 9.30pm and the crowds were almost gone within 15 minutes. Since we did not brought any extra pillows and blankets with us, we decided to head back to KL the same night. My uncle (who will be driving my brother the next day) and his family stayed behind at the TNB bungalow. My parents also returned to KL to prepare for the arrival of the to-be-wed couple the next morning. We arrived at KL almost midnight with Little Skywalker sound asleep in the car after an exciting evening.

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