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Monday, October 24, 2005

PD Trip - The Accomodation

As I have said earlier, Little Skywalker went with my parents to PD upon invitation from my uncle, who works for Tenaga University. J and I went to join them later as we wanted to be there when our son go to the beach for his first time. After deciphering J's intention, I went ahead pack my stuff into the half-full bag filled with J's stuff. I've even packed our ultimate weapon against mosquitoes (just in case I need to give some shock treatment to the my son to make him behave). After all the packing, I picked J up from her office and we headed straight to PD!

My uncle booked himself a family suite at the TNB Condominium Resort, which is located at the 9th mile, next to Berjaya's Guoman Resort (where J and I spent our honeymoon due to SARS). The TNB Condominium (to my understanding) are only meant for TNB personnel. Before this resort was built, TNB owned a bungalow chalet next to the current resort. My uncle used to invite our whole family to join him whenever he managed to book the place. I guess the visitors to that place was too overwhelming consider the size of the corporation.

When J and I arrived at the designated accommodation, we were quite thrown off by the entrance to the TNB Resort. It was a one-way single narrow lane with longkang at one side and wild bushes on the other. It was a big contrast compared to Guoman Resort (as well as those highway roads that I have driven for the past an hour or so) where there are two wide lanes going in and two more coming out with a guard house in between. Anyway, I slowly and carefully maneuvered my junk car through the "dangerous" road.

J called my parents to inform them of our grand arrival so they could give us directions to their suite. Strangely, J heard them saying "Lift 3, Room 308" on the phone. As I arrived at the lobby, I saw two lifts with a gold plated number 1 in between them. I was confused and ask for help from a nice lady at the counter. However, she has no idea where lift 3 is located as well, she told us to get up through the No. 1 lift and go to the 3rd floor (duh! now you know what is miscommunication!) where room 308 is located.

We pressed the door bell, my dad open the door with Little Skywalker standing behind the entrance. As we went it, we saw the biggest family suite we've ever been to. You'll be amazed to if you are one of those poor wage-earners like J and I. The place is frigging huge and is divided into a few sections namely kitchen, dining area, living room. It has a 3 steps staircase separating the living room and dinning area. It even have a big balcony with some chairs and table specially catered for smokers who want to enjoy a puff. There is a big "Thank you for not smoking in the room" sigh everywhere. Since not a single soul in our family smokes, there is no problem at all.

The living room it self is very spacious and all the furniture are pointing towards the big screen TV. My brother remembered to bring the PS2 I loan to him on his birthday and it was already hooked onto the TV before we arrived. And guess what? The room comes with a few Astro channels as well, including HBO and Sports! Everyone was enjoying some Christmas movies when we arrived. J joined them while I continue snapping photos around the suite.

The suite came with 1 king's bedroom + 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. You'd be surprised to see the master bedroom. It is as even bigger than the living room! It has it's own bathroom of course, and had more cushions in it than the living room! I don't think any low life like myself deserved to sleep in it at all (of course not, since my uncle is the host :P). J and I (with Little Skywalker) got to sleep in a two-single-bed room after my youngest brother and nephew got chased out (pity them) and assigned to sleep elsewhere. Our window has a clear view of the entire swimming pool, which is good to distract Little Skywalker in case he started to make a fuss.

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