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Friday, September 30, 2005

First Mid-Autumn/Mooncake/Tang Lung/Lantern Celebration...

Well, apart from the Menjalara Tang-Lung festival that we brought Little Skywalker, together with Loc Kee's family and Milly, my family held a small party of our own to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival along with my youngest brother's 12th birthday two weeks ago.

The family gathering was held at my parent's place. My other younger brother who works in Penang came back with his future-wife, both my younger sisters were back as well. My grandma and grand uncle came down from hometown. It was almost like a CNY Eve reunion dinner kinda feeling. It was also supposed to be a party to send off one of my sister, as she is going to fly to Italy a few days later to start her new job.

The birthday boy had invited more than 25 of his friends, but only seven of them managed to make it. I guess it was a family day for most people, so I kinda felt sorry for him. It was his first birthday party ever! Nonetheless, those who came are his best friends, and I don't think we can handle that many 12-year olds running about, knocking off Little Skywalker all over the place :P

My cousin brought along my little nephew, who is a few days older than Little Skywalker. So he is not that lonely with all the teenagers and adults around chit-chatting something that he doesn't understand. They kinda clicked almost instantly and were having the time of their own. Little Skywalker also offered to share all his toys with his new best friend. He would take out his toys one-by-one from the box and hand them over to my nephew and insisted that he have it. Such a kind heart! I would imagine he would shout when other children touche his stuff like all the rest...

Since there were many people around, we need to chain our two dogs near the gate in order not to scare off our guests. Little Skywalker grew very close with the dogs at home. He is not afraid of them at all. In fact, it was the other way round. The dogs are constantly heading the opposite direction as soon as Little Skywalker started to stalk on them. On that evening, he even tried to feed little pieces of dog biscuits to the dogs. J was afraid (as usual) that the dogs might bite off his hand or something. However, his brave and stuntful act impressed everyone that were watching. It was until when he decided to eat the dog food himself that we made him stop!

Inside the house, the birthday boy was busy playing my PS2 with his friends, instead of eating. He was almost reluctant to come out for the cake-cutting thingy. Most of the games they played were car racing in nature. The sound of engines and tyres screeching must be thrilling to children nowadays. OMG! Does that mean we are gonna have more wannabe car racers on our roads in the future? Even Little Skywalker likes the sound of cars running. I guess letting him watch F1 with his parents does have its down side. He paid full attention to the TV screen as the kids were playing the games. Not even his mother could distract him (with food and stuff)!

After the dinner, my brother took out the paper tang-lungs that he bought back all the way from Penang. He even bought a dragon and a fish for Little Skywalker. We put it up near the gate area to show off add to the spirit of festivity. Most of the squarish paper tang-lungs were quite small, hence, it is quite easy for them to burn itself down. I guess we'll need to get bigger ones next time.

Little Skywalker did not pay much attention to the bright tang-lungs, instead, he preferred to watch closely on the candles that were burning. He did stop short of touching them when we said "Fire! Hot hot!". With J at his side, he walked around the house holding the fish lantern and swinging around. His rapid swinging movement almost burnt the whole thing out. Watching him playing with it really brought back the old times when I was a kid. I used to play with candles instead of lanterns.

My brother and his future-wife also enjoy the company of Little Skywalker. I guess the little guy will paint a good(?) picture on how tough family life is for them in the future. I can see they like kids a lot looking at the way they hang around Little Skywalker. My future sister-in-law also took Little Skywalker out for a ride in his own little tricycle. They are planning to get married this coming December, and they are going to buy a house in Penang as well to settle down. He works at Intel, and wants to stay nearby his workplace. Anyone has any idea on good housing areas in Penang? Please contact me...

The party ended with the usual cake-cutting ceremony by the birthday boy. As usual, Little Skywalker wanted to steal the lime light at every given opportunity. He even learnt how to sing "Happy Birthday" just for the sake getting everyone's attention. He even wanted to cut the cake (that he chose) on behalf of my brother. We had no choice but to let him pose at cutting the cake before we eat it. He gets a kick every time he cuts a cake for reasons only known to him. I bet he can't wait to grow up.

Well.. there you go son... your first Mid-Autumn/Mooncake/Tang-lung/Latern festival (why can't they make up their mind)!

We just hope you won't burn down the house during the next one :P

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