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Friday, September 23, 2005

About Urine and Rashes

Yesterday, I blogged about Little Skywalker's blood test result showing no signs of abnormality. His urine test on the other hand, shows signs of possible bacteria or viral infection. All his tests were previously done in Selayang Hospital. My mum asked me to do another urine test for him at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital yesterday morning to get a second opinion. Hence, we woke him up early in the morning and ask him to pee into a container. He happily did so and went back to sleep after that.

The full results of the second urine test show no obvious signs of contaminations except for some dirt that may have resulted from a non-sterilize sample taking procedure - my mum did not washed Little Skywalker's (*cough) birdie and her own hands properly before collecting his precious urine.

Little Skywalker has been developing rashes throughout his body and face since his fever went off. His rashes can be seen all over his body now. The rashes do not seem to be itchy for him because he did not asked anyone to scratch for him. Little Skywalker is a very clever boy. Whenever he got bitten by mosquitoes and started to get itchy, he would try to scratch a little bit by himself while calling for help from others, namely his dad. I usually put him lying down on a pillow while scratching him with my well-kept finger nails. You could actually see him enjoying the sensation of being scratch when he moans.

Little Skywalker has not much appetite for the past few days, but he still drinks a lot of water. We can see that he has lost quite an amount of body weight already. He is still quite restless, but he manage to sleep very well throughout the night, probably due to his body being tired after fighting the virus for a whole day. My mum actually said he is so tired and hungry sometimes he don't even have the strength to stand and walk properly. We really felt so helpless and pity for the poor little fella :(

Since we could not identify the causes of his rashes, our pediatrician from JB suggested that he take another urine test today to verify any changes in his body. So we did another sample collection and I pass those samples to one of my friend working in the lab to repeat the test. While waiting for the results, I decided to blog about this and put up some photos that might throw your appetite out the window :P

Patience is a virtue.... waiting... waiting... and waiting...

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