Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Inspector Skywalker

When we got the light sabers for Little Skywalker, we also got him other toys as well (since he looses interest very fast). Among them was a policeman set which consists of a knife (I still wonder why this is there), a spring gun, a pair of handcuffs etc. He loves the spring gun although we still need to load the bullets for him. Sometimes, he will misfire the gun while pointing it to himself. As for the handcuffs, he did not like them very much after I handcuffed his hands together for the first time. His eyes turned red when I did that. Now, we use it to threaten him when he does something naughty like kicking us, refuse to drink his formula, refuse to take his meal etc.

Just look at him...

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Moments of Pleasure

Got this from King's Wife! Don't dare to defy a royal decree in fear of the guillotine...

So hear goes...

Name 10 of Life’s Simple Pleasures, and tag 10 other poor sods to recall theirs. The catch: Try to be original and not use things that others have already mentioned.
  1. my son knew how to call me first instead of his mother
  2. got a stable job that does not require me to sacrifice my personal and family life
  3. get a chance to watch many many US sitcoms thanks to p2p and a friend who downloaded them for me
  4. have no problem writing at least one entry a day (for a week) for this blog using only materials gathered through a weekend
  5. watching my son finally sleeping after a whole tiring day
  6. knowing my son is much smarter (not to mention better looking) than I am
  7. dreaming of the day I retire to a much better place (or country) than KL
  8. the satisfaction after stuffing myself with delicious food
  9. knowing that I am not alone in going through all the bitter and sweet experience in raising Little Skywalker (after reading through so many blogs)
  10. what else? bed time activity!

Next on the chopping board will be Twinsmom, James, Jazzmint, Greenapple and Allyfeel!

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Playhouse Skywalker - Epic Battle

The epic light saber battle between Little Skywalker and his father, where the victor is yet to be determined... (18SG and with THX Surround Sound!)

Disclaimer: No children, animals or Star Wars characters were hurt during the poor reenactment of the above movie scene.

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Monday, May 29, 2006


"Seorang bapa meratapi kematian anaknya yang terkorban dalam tragedi gempa bumi di Daerah Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia semalam." - Source (Utusan Malaysia)

The same picture was published across all major newspapers in the country this morning. I had tears in both my eyes when I first saw the picture in The Star this morning while I was having my breakfast. I can't stop wondering about what I would experience if I were the man in the picture? I also couldn't stop imagining the horrifying moments the little kid must have experienced before his/her untimely death? What would I do if I survived and my family did not? Why did God allows such a tragedy to happen? Why did such an innocent young soul has to die? Would I go berserk and crazy if such a thing had happened to me?

These questions will bother me for some time as we mourn and grief for almost 5,000 people who lost their precious lives in the killer earthquake that hit in Yogyakarta and central Java yesterday morning...

Do cherish your love ones and count your blessings as you wake up every morning.

p/s: No usual entry today as a mark of respect for the earthquake victims

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Feverish Talk

I was getting my free lunch from James at one of his favourite "Pan Mee" stall near Lorong Haji Taib. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to sit in his new Sweet Chariot as I hoped (apparently Mae is the one driving it, not him *Aiks). He drove his Magic Carpet instead.

Towards the end of our lunch, I received a call from my father. He told me that Little Skywalker was running a fever (about 38.8 degrees). Since my mother is not around, he asked if I could go back and maybe take the little one to a clinic. Coincidently, my phone's battery was running low. However, I am still able to tell J about it.

After getting back to the office, I decided to take the rest of the day off and drove home. Little Skywalker was asleep when I arrived. I checked his temperature (without the thermometer) and thought that his fever was not that high. After he woke up, I gave him some syrup paracetamol. Thanks to the kind souls at the pharmaceutical companies for making the medicine taste so good that he wanted more after getting one tea spoon.

After his medication, I switched on his Wiggles and cradled him to sleep again since he looked tired. The fever must have stimulated part of his brain that controlled his speech as he sang along with the songs continuously. Normally he is quite reluctant to sing along in front of us (too shy maybe?), but he does sing when he is left alone. Yesterday's behavior was totally out of the ordinary!

Little Skywalker talking skills is already way ahead for kids his age. With his fever, he became even more talkative! He was blabbing non-stop at home, before bed, middle of the night, this morning when he woke up. He asked me repeatedly this morning "什么声音来的?" (what's that sound?). God knows what he heard. I am sure he is still talking non-stop now at my parents as he still has a little temperature left to sweat it out.

Talk about sweating, Little Skywalker really sweats a lot each time after taking his medication. I think he must have changed at least 3 shirts throughout the night in order to escape a cold from his wet shirts. You can see hundreds of water droplets on his hair when he is asleep! After all his sweating, his temperature will return to normal very quickly. That's definitely a good thing for us as parents, right?

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Playhouse Skywalker - Hosed!

Little Skywalker decided to help out when J was washing our porch area. J let him hold the water hose while she swept the water. In the end, I joined in when Little Skywalker accidentally sprayed some water on himself. This was taken after J got hold of the hose and took aim it at him!

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Another One Going Up!

Updated (2):
You can take a look at the new electricity tariff rates here!
For domestic users like you and I, it is true that the rates for the first 200 kWh remained unchanged at RM0.218 per unit. However, there is a increase of slightly over 10% for the subsequent 800 kWh (from RM0.258 to RM0.289).

So, if your monthly bill is less than RM43.60, then you are not affected by the latest tariff hike.

Our Mr Good Guy PM say that "the 12 percent increase in electricity tariff was reasonable as it took into account the welfare of the people since 60 percent of households would be exempted from paying the increased charges" wor...

Geee... I certainly hope that I am part of that 60%, since we only uses about 250 units per month!

After the rise of petrol price, we have the interest hike.

Guess what? Now we have another one going up - electricity tariff!

That Dr Lim say the "average increase" is 12%, and went on to say that low-income household would not be "badly affected"...

Come to think of it, how does he come to his conclusion one? How "badly affected" is based on how much electricity people consumed mah! You mean poor people MUST use less electricity one? What a load of...

Sooner or later, another YB will step up and ask us to "Change your lifestyle" again!

Really have to negotiate with my boss for a 12% increase in my salary soon! LOL!

p/s: anyone out there can help me "adjust" my meter?

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ah-Pek Style Fashion!

After coming back from his chu-chu ride, we went back to my parents' place as my brothers and sisters were back for the weekend (one from Penang, one from Singapore and one from Cyberjaya). My brother was washing his car at the porch area and Little Skywalker decided to "help out" by walking round-and-round the car trying to duck the water hose. Despite of my constant objection, J imposed on Little Skywalker in what I call Ah-Pek style fashion before letting him wander around the car!

Let me show you what I mean...

p/s: I believe they call it "大春袋" in the good old days! LOL!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Impressionist He Is

Little Skywalker is really at the peak of his impressionist era. He loves to imitate everyone and everything. I was playing with him at the porch area of my parents' house yesterday while J was having her dinner. Our pet dog "Lucky" was sitting at the corner of the gate (beside a rough surface) licking his paw and scratching himself against the wall. I told Little Skywalker that our dog has hurt his feet and he could not get up and walk (just another white lie!).

Little Skywalker went over and requested Lucky to "起来走走啦!" (get up and walk a bit lah!). Lucky got up upon seeing Little Skywalker approaching. As soon as Lucky got off his spot, Little Skywalker went ahead and took over his spot. He squat, sat and leaned against the wall like Lucky did. I think the rough surface made some impact on his back as he got up with one hand rubbing his back.

Then, Lucky saw a female doggy walking pass in front of the house and he began to bark and run from side to side of the main gate. Little Skywalker saw this and follow suit. He walked from one end to the other and yeld out "Woh! Woh!". He nearly bumped into Lucky while doing it. I was watching and laughing with tears in my eyes!

Finally, Lucky went near his food and picked up a piece of bone, then he walked away. Little Skywalker saw this and went towards Lucky's bowl of rice! He tried to pick the bowl up. If I had not stop him in time, I bet he will be licking from Lucky's bowl like he did with his own food!

I guess he should have born this year instead of in the year of Monkey... LOL!

p/s: the original entry was postponed as I am having problems uploading pictures to Blogger :(

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Chu Chu Train!

Out of the clear blue sky, J and I decided to bring Little Skywalker on a train ride. The nearest train ride at our place is KTM Komuter. Our plan was to take the train ride to the KL Sentral station and have our McDonald lunch there. The ride going to KL Sentral was quite packed and we had to remain standing. Little Skywalker was a bit scared on board an actual train for the first time (as compared to the monorail up at Genting). He kept saying "不怕" (not afraid) and "caterpillar train" to reassure himself while I was carrying him. He just refused to be let down!

The ride back to Kepong was much better as there were plenty of seats available. We got ourselves to two empty seats. We put him standing near the window so he can admire the view outside. He was no longer afraid anymore. He got excited every time we enter a tunnel, he will call out "tunnel wor!" as the outside view turned dark and "又出 tunnel 了!" as soon as the train came out of the tunnel. At the end, he refused to get down of the train until we convinced him that we will bring him again in the future!

As usual, here are some shots...

This is his first boarding pass on a chu-chu train! (for memory)

p/s: errr... his ride was actually free-of-charge! LOL!

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Friday, May 19, 2006

70s Style!

Two weeks ago, my little brother borrowed me FX7 for his school projects. Although I hesitated a bit (as he was only 13 years old and I have just finished paying the final installments a month ago), I agreed. I am currently using the new FX9 (6M pixels) which my sister bought a couple of weeks ago in Singapore. She lends it to me as she is not using it for the moment.

While I was staying at my in-laws, there were many opportunities to try out the new camera. I accidentally discovered a new feature that I've yet to try (it could be in my FX7 as well) - the Sepia effect. Setting the camera in Sepia mode actually allow me to capture pictures that looks like they were taken in the 70s! I know, I know, you could most likely do it in photoshop. But it's kinda fun watching the world through the Sepia mode on the camera's LCD screen!

Do they look like they were taken back in the good old days?

p/s: pictures taken using the FX9 is about 50% bigger (in terms of file size) than my FX7 :(

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

His "Big Sister"

Of his three aunties (J's nieces cousins), Little Skywalker clicked best with the youngest one. I am guessing that it is due to the smallest age difference? Everywhere I look, I can see them doing stuff together. Well, most of the time, Little Skywalker was imitating whatever she was doing.

Since I am too busy to write a long entry now, I'll let you guys make up your own stories about them (based on the following mug shots)...

Whatever your story is, just remember to seal it with a kiss!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

In Short...

Since I have so much work to do after a short break, I don't think I will write much these coming few days. To sum up our trip to my in-laws in JB, it was a blast! Little Skywalker had a very enjoyable 5 days with J's three nieces cousins! Maybe it's time we get him a sibling to help him overcome his lonesome days at home?!

More about our trip soon!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Line Up Straight!

Little Skywalker was playing with his toys one evening. Suddenly, he had the idea of arranging some of his toys in a straight line (like the Von Trapp kids?). The toys include his "dog", some building blocks with a face, his Elmo, Chicken Little and his toy soldiers. Although he is still quite clumsy with his fine motor skills, he managed to do it after some time.

After accomplishing his task, J decided to give him an even tougher job. She took out some smaller "fish" for Little Skywalker to line them up. He did have some problem at first since the "fishes" were quite small. After some demonstration by his mother, he managed to make a few of them stand in a straight line.

He "lectured" all his toys to stand in line and not to fall down after his job-well-done.

Later, he decided to stand at the end of the line to put himself in the picture. Furthermore, he directed one of his parent to make up the line at the other end as well!

p/s: Will be off to visit my in-laws at JB for this long weekend and will be back to work only on Wednesday. Hence, no blogging till then. Enjoy your weekend!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lazy Bump!

Everyone who has seen Little Skywalker before will know that he is a very hyperactive kid. He is like the "Energizer Bunny" who just can't stop until the batteries run out. He would run, jump, shout, sing etc. throughout the day if no one were to stop him. Thank God there were also those days where he will be too tired lazy to do or care about anything.

He experienced such a moment last Saturday after we came back from pasar malam. J gave him a plate of sliced food for him to eat while watching his favourite DVD - the Wiggles from Twinsmom. He sat on his stool and ate piece by piece as usual.

After a few minutes, his started to get lazy (or tired) and decided to rest his head on the table, while continue to eat (with his hands) and had his eyes on the TV.

Finally, he must have thought that using his hands to eat was too much hassle. Hence, he decided to eat directly from the plate instead!

I guess he must have picked this up from our pet dog at my parents' place!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

KidzSport Luau!

Shiaulin and Twinsmom organized a KidzSport Luau last Sunday morning at 1 Utama. People who attended includes the organizers' family (excluding LeeCS who had to send his car to the workshop), Sue with Ivan and Izac, Zara's mama family and Allyfeel's family. Everyone was chasing their kids around KidzSport. Most of us could hardly get a chance to sit down and engage in chit-chat until later part of the day. Armed with Little Skywalker's "cigarette biscuits" (which we bought from pasar malam the day before), I suddenly became Santa Claus (as Twinsmom put it) distributing "candies" to all the kids until there was none left. I wished I have brought more!

OK! OK! Less writing and more pictures!!

As usual, the boys will reach for the cars at first sight!

The slide into a pool of balls was another favourite, especially to Xuan!

After some warm up, kids went for the bigger slides (some with their mommies)!

At the swings were Little Skywalker and the daughters I never had...

Before we knew it, all the kids were in the big pool of balls located near the entrance!

A special section dedicated to our future daughter-in-law one of the most photogenic little girl!

Hopefully I will be able to see more of these moments in the future :P

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