Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Line Up Straight!

Little Skywalker was playing with his toys one evening. Suddenly, he had the idea of arranging some of his toys in a straight line (like the Von Trapp kids?). The toys include his "dog", some building blocks with a face, his Elmo, Chicken Little and his toy soldiers. Although he is still quite clumsy with his fine motor skills, he managed to do it after some time.

After accomplishing his task, J decided to give him an even tougher job. She took out some smaller "fish" for Little Skywalker to line them up. He did have some problem at first since the "fishes" were quite small. After some demonstration by his mother, he managed to make a few of them stand in a straight line.

He "lectured" all his toys to stand in line and not to fall down after his job-well-done.

Later, he decided to stand at the end of the line to put himself in the picture. Furthermore, he directed one of his parent to make up the line at the other end as well!

p/s: Will be off to visit my in-laws at JB for this long weekend and will be back to work only on Wednesday. Hence, no blogging till then. Enjoy your weekend!

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