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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

KidzSport Luau!

Shiaulin and Twinsmom organized a KidzSport Luau last Sunday morning at 1 Utama. People who attended includes the organizers' family (excluding LeeCS who had to send his car to the workshop), Sue with Ivan and Izac, Zara's mama family and Allyfeel's family. Everyone was chasing their kids around KidzSport. Most of us could hardly get a chance to sit down and engage in chit-chat until later part of the day. Armed with Little Skywalker's "cigarette biscuits" (which we bought from pasar malam the day before), I suddenly became Santa Claus (as Twinsmom put it) distributing "candies" to all the kids until there was none left. I wished I have brought more!

OK! OK! Less writing and more pictures!!

As usual, the boys will reach for the cars at first sight!

The slide into a pool of balls was another favourite, especially to Xuan!

After some warm up, kids went for the bigger slides (some with their mommies)!

At the swings were Little Skywalker and the daughters I never had...

Before we knew it, all the kids were in the big pool of balls located near the entrance!

A special section dedicated to our future daughter-in-law one of the most photogenic little girl!

Hopefully I will be able to see more of these moments in the future :P

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