Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You Just Know...

You know he won't stay your little baby forever when...

... his clothes could hardly fit on their usual hangers anymore

... he is no longer the same 72cm like a year ago

... he prefers to hold his own bottle while having his "drink"

... he spends more time (making faces) in front of the TV instead of playing/talking with you

... he knows more about the "IN thing" in fashion than you do

... he starts lifting heavy objects

... he knows how to "hang around doing nothing"

... he prefers to eat from his own hands than yours

... he picks his own favourite music instrument

... he starts showing off his own masculinity in front of his old man

... he gets suicidal when put in the same room with his annoying parents!

p/s: The inspiration for this entry was downed upon me while I was hanging the laundry one night...

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