Little Luke "Skywalker"

Friday, April 21, 2006

Heartache Moment...

"It's like someone actually reached into your heart and ripped it out!"

That more or less described our feeling throughout last night...

Being Little Skywalker, he is used to running into walls and banging his head everywhere. Fortunately, he inherited a super-tough skull from his father and prevented him from any serious head injuries. He could hit his head on a marble floor hard and you will not see any significant swelling on him. That's how hard his skull is!

However, that did not prevent him from injuring himself on other parts of his body, take that time he took a cut on his lips for example. It was the first time that we saw so much blood bled out of him! Still, that doesn't stop him from repeating the same thing yesterday. He tripped over himself and fell on my sub-woofer (that's placed in a remote corner of the house). As a result, he got quite a deep cut just right above his right eye. Knowing that he could almost blinded himself, it almost gave us a heart attack! J was very worried that he might need stitches for his wound.

After calming him down with some ice cubes (used for distracting him as well as to stop his bleeding), I took a careful look at the cut on him to see if any stitches are needed. I also try to cover his left eye and make sure that his right eye can still follow my movement. In the end, I concluded that his vision is still fine and stitches are not necessary as the cut was still skin deep. We also called up my mother (who is a retired nurse) to make sure we are doing the right thing.

After cleaning his wound, J quickly bath him and nurse him to sleep. He kept asking for more ice cubes in the process. After his bath, I tried to put some riboflavin over his wound and wanted to stick some gauze dressing on it to prevent infection. He struggled a lot to scratch his itchy wound and didn't want his dressing done! I gave up and decided to apply the dressing after he's asleep to risk poking into his eye amid the struggle.

I woke up around 1am and successfully applied his dressing without waking him up. It's good to see that his wound has dried up with no further bleeding or infection. He woke up this morning with little notice to the dressing on his wound. However, he still felt certain itchiness and almost scratched it off. Lucky thing we prevented him from doing so by trying to convince him how nice he looked in front of the mirror.

We wonder how many more of such heart-stopping incident we could take before we go insane?!?!

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