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Monday, April 17, 2006

Genting Vacation - Journey Up

We woke up quite early on Sunday morning to make preparations for our two nights stay at Genting. Little Skywalker was still having his sweet dreams and that gave us enough time to bath ourselves and load our luggage in the car. It was as if he knew what was installed for him later, he happily took his bath and dressed up nicely for his trip. We took the latest addition to his toys collection (driving kit) with us in case he makes a fuss on the journey up hill.

We were all packed and ready by 9am. We headed to my parents' place to pick up my grandmother and granduncle since they wanted to tag along for a day trip (to the casino) and will be coming back with my auntie in the evening. After that, we went on to have our breakfast at a kopitiam before embarking on our journey up hill for the first time in our new car. It will be a great chance to test out the real capability of the new engine!

Little Skywalker fell asleep in the car as usual. We didn't want to wake him up because we hope he could conserve his energy and high spirit for the later part of the day. Even with four people in the car and a trunk full of our XXL luggage, the car went smoothly up the hill (with much over-taking of slower cars *wink). We managed to reach the top of the hill around 11am at a record breaking time (for us at least).

We went round to drop off my grandmother and granduncle at the lobby area of the Genting Hotel where they will rendezvous with my auntie later. Little Skywalker was awake then to say his goodbyes to them. After that, we went ahead to check into the Theme Park hotel. One funny thing happened when I was carrying our XXL luggage to the hotel lobby. One of the bag handle actually broke! Lucky thing it has wheels and an extra handle on the side of the bag (LOL!).

Since we were among the early birds to check in, We asked for a room that has a view of the outdoor theme park and triple room as well. We were lucky enough to get a room we wanted as one of the occupants just checked out. We went to our room and were happy to find that our room has already been cleaned up and ready for us (compliments to the hotel staff!). We unloaded some of our luggage and freshened up a bit as we left Little Skywalker staring out the window into the shouting crowd enjoying themselves at the theme park.

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