Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, February 23, 2006


That's the plate number of our new car, at least according to Little Skywalker!

For those who do not get the last digit (but wishes to try their luck on 4D), try saying "chicken meat" (鸡肉) in Mandarin or just think of it as nothing. For those who tried their luck yesterday, sadly to say that the number did not came out as the winning one in any lottery results. I know because if it has, my MIL would have called us last night and transfer half of the winnings this morning :P

J and I tried very hard to convert Little Skywalker's belief on our new car plate number as he is still going about saying "Tea-Tea-Foh-Foh" (which is the plate number of our previous car) whenever we enquire about our car plate number. Although he is very fond of the new car (especially the new CD-player), I guess it will take him another week of brainwashing for the new plate number to kick in. Who says toddlers are forgetful?

As for us, we are I am quite excited with the new car. At least it is not under power like the 1.6 version that I test drove two weeks ago. We took off the plastic covers from all the seats to avoid unnecessary attention. The drive to work this morning was more comfortable than before although the jam is heavier than normal (as I am 10 minutes late due to pumping petrol). I will be observing the fuel consumption of the car throughout the week. I think we will be well pass the 1000km first service before we head up to Genting on April. To me, that is the ultimate test for our new car!

OK, enough babbling from a new car owner! Back to the reality of slaving to pay off our increasing debts...

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