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Monday, February 20, 2006

Family Vacation!

I was hanging around at J's office (monopolizing her PC for Internet) while waiting for my business appointment with someone. We started discussing about when to take our family vacation (notice not where to take). After browsing through the calendar and everything, we decided to have it on April 9th to April 11th since April 11th is a public holiday (for whatever reason). The place? Where else but our favourite place... Genting!

Yes, we will be heading to the City of Entertainment with Little Skywalker (for the third time, forth for him) more than a month from now. He was there the first time when he was about nine months old (before I started blogging). Back then, he has yet to learn how to stand or walk. However, he did know how to sit by himself already. J would carry him on all the rides at the outdoor theme park while I would let him sit on top of my shoulders while we were on our jalan-jalan activity. As you can see, his fascination for going behind the steering wheel had already kicked in during our first trip.

We took our second trip there when Little Skywalker was close to 14 months old. He already knew how to walk and run (albeit still tripping on his own foot quite frequently). However, he has started to realise what is fear and was quite reluctant to go on some rides. He kept asking to get down whenever they started the machine or when we inserted the coins. He enjoyed the most when we put him on the swing or the slides instead. We also find it very difficult to let him on the ground as he has a mind of his own on where to go regardless of how hard we tried to persuade him (he is still as stubborn as of now).

He went on his third trip about a month later with my parents and my uncle's family. We could not follow as J and I were out of leave already. He had no problems being separated from his parents for three days in a row (sadly, not vice versa). My mother told us he didn't even need to drink milk before he sleeps. He only drank water before going to bed. My parents also had a hard time trying to chase after him throughout the entire Genting area... LOL!

It'll be interesting to watch how much he differs from his previous trips when we head up there again. This time, we'll be going there in our brand new family car, which is due to arrive within the next two days! Remember to watch this space to catch the first preview of it!

p/s: just in case anyone is going up to Uncle Lim's place during the same period, we'll be staying at the Theme Park Hotel as usual.

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