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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

4D Frenzy!

Just got back from JPJ after I successfully book the car plate number for our new car, which is due to arrive this evening. Since the pre-CNY-car-buying-spree was over, there were very few people queuing up at the JPJ.

I arrived at JPJ around 8am after taking off work for a couple of hours. The running number for the day is between 3001 and 5000. My salesman won't be arriving for another half an hour, so he gave me instructions over the phone. I took about 15 minutes to browse through all the available numbers on the screen and jotting down the ones I am interested. While doing that, I also called J to discuss about which number to book.

After we decided, I filled up the form and submitted to the counter. I was quite fortunate as the few people in front of me didn't managed to get the numbers they wanted and had to go back to look at the 14" screen again. It took about 10 minutes for me to settle everything (including the RM210 booking fee). Then, I waited for my salesman to arrive and we proceeded to register the car. I left JPJ around 9am as the salesman will collect the registration card later in the afternoon.

Now we come to the good part, anyone interested in buying whatever 3D/4D/5D/Toto can contact me if you agree to give 70% of the winnings to me for the winning number...

Let the frenzy begin!!

p/s: J and I don't buy any lottery nor do we encourage people to do so if they have no spare money

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