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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Got Already Ah?

Got a late phone call from one of my "girlfriend"(let's refer her as D) whose wedding I attended during my last December Wedding Tour. It went something exactly like this...

D: Hei!
E: Wei! Chinese New Year already over liao lor!
D: Yeah! Sorry about that. Want to tell you something leh!
E: What? Got already ah?
D: Yeah yeah!
E: Hahaha! So, what's the big news?
D: Huh? Told you lah!
E: What? Really got already ah?
D: Didn't you notice I answer yeah yeah?
E: I was just kidding leh! Didn't know "open mouth kena" (开口中)!
D: Yeah lor... thanks to your mouth!
E: So how?
D: Just went to Gleneagles for my first check-up! Quite expensive
E: Is like that one lor! First check-up often cost higher gua...
D: You know any better hospital?
(is another 10 minutes of blah blah blah from here on...)

The rest of our conversations centered around which hospital D preferred to go for her check-up as well as delivery her baby. It was such a freakish co-incidence that Michelle and I were just involved in a lengthy debate on whether private or public hospitals are better for delivering a baby. Well, I do not want to go down that particular path again, but suffice to say, the debate did not end in a consensus note.

I did not recommend D to any particular hospital nor did I side with any O&G doctor. However, I did inform her that 90% of all mummies tend to think that their O&G doctor is the best (provided there was no untoward incidents). My advice to her is to only to pick a hospital that is closer to her home because her baby might not be "punctual". It's better to rush to a hospital that already has your medical records in hand than a hospital that doesn't. Another important thing is that she has to be comfortable with the O&G doctor that is attending to her (as she mentioned that she is not comfortable with a guy checking her out).

So, eight months from now, Little Skywalker will have another playmate (I am betting is a girl based on their family records). Hopefully they would get along well like their parents.

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