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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Love Is In The Air

The end of year 2005 will be a very busy and rugi period for J and I. Although we were given the 'pink notice' well in advance, it only hit us a few days ago as those due dates are finally approaching...

Case 1: My Brother (Must Go Case)
Date: 22nd (Gopeng, Perak) and 23rd (KL), December, 2005
Well, this is another big milestone in my family since my marriage and Little Skywalker's full moon and one year old bash. My brother (1 year younger and much nicer person than me) and her long time girl friend (I think longer than J and I) will be getting married on the 23rd December (same day as my youngest sister's birthday). Since both dinners fall on weekdays (my brother's PIL picked the dates after some fate calculations for the happy couple), J and I had no choice but to reserve two days annual leave for this. The happy couple is back last weekend and brought back their beautiful wedding photos. They are back to help my parents to clean and paint the house in preparation for the fateful day.

Case 2: J's Brother (Another Must Go Case)
Date: 25th (Seremban) and 26th (JB), December, 2005 - Tentative
Is it coincidence or what? Both our brothers are getting married at the same time. The happy couple is now stationed in US since J's brother got posted there for 2 years by Intel. They were registered for marriage before they left last year in order to receive benefits for spouse from the company but their wedding was postponed due to the demise of the girl's grandfather on the wedding dinner the girl's sister (apparently he was choked to death by some food he ate, can you believe it?). The girl's mother announced a 100 days mourning period, which disrupted their marriage plans before leaving for US. The dates are tentative because their flight back to KL is yet to be confirmed due to the girl's mother and eldest brother, they just want to make life difficult for everyone for no apparent reasons!. The restaurants are yet to be booked as well. I truly wonder if they will be able to make it at all.

Case 3: One of my best girl-friend, Doreen (Yet another Must Go Case)
Date: 11th December, 2005
I know her and her hubby since my primary school days. Her hubby's sister used to be one of my teachers in primary school as well and we still maintained contact since both of them live nearby my parents' place. She and I share many great days back then as she is one of my closest friends. We were also in the volleyball team together. We used to talk on the phone for hours when we couldn't sleep due to SPM exam stress. We used to hang out and yam cha a lot as well. We went through ups and downs together when she broke up with her ex as well as when I did the same. She was also among the first one to congratulate us when Little Skywalker was born. I am very happy for her as she is finally going to married her long-time (on-and-off) boyfriend.

Case 4: Another one of my best girl-friend, Carmen (Also another Must Go Case)
Date: 1st January 2006
We got to be very close friend when we were in Form five days although we practically studied under the same roof throughout the entire five years in secondary school. We talked and shared our personal experience a lot. She was there for support when I broke up with my ex, I was there for her when she broke up with her ex (happened to be one of my best friend as well). She and her hubby (again my friend and former classmate) already bought a house behind my parents' place. I visited their house last weekend when we went out for a yam cha session.

Case 5: J's friend (Must Go Case for J)
Date: 26th November 2005
I don't know many of J's friend since most of them live in JB. Anyway, we received this red-bomb last week when we were at JB but the dinner will be at KL (Phew!). J told me about this a few weeks ago and I agreed to attend the dinner then. However, things changed after I had a look at the fine print in the wedding invitation. First of all, the dinner is being held at a Buddhist temple, located somewhere in Brickfields area. Second of all, the dinner is fully vegetarian. I don't mind going for a dinner at a temple, but I am totally turned off by vegetarian food (no offence to all your vegetarian out there). J understood how much I dislike vegetarian food (especially those fake meat made out of flour and artificial flavouring) and I promised to fetch her there and back.

So, is this going to create a huge dent in our personal finances or what? I hope our year end bonuses are good enough to cover the losses. Otherwise, I might have to borrow cash from one of you people who's reading this! Another headache for me would be the long drive up and down the PLUS highway, especially for both my brother and J's brother's wedding. On the other hand, at least Little Skywalker will be able to put more of his Yam-Seng skills into practice!

Anyway... I wish the above five couples the very best in their marriage life. I also wish them 白头谐老, 三年抱两, 子孙满堂, 相亲相爱, and last but not least of course, great sex life (*wink)! LOL!

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