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Friday, October 28, 2005

Balik Kampung!!

It's been a long time since we last paid a visit to J's parents' place in Skudai, Johor Baru. Little Skywalker seems to be the best excuse for defending my laziness of driving 4 hours down South. Since his birth, my PIL had been coming to KL to visit us instead. Being a good SIL, we even install additional air-conditioning at our guest room recently to make their stay as comfortable as possible. They normally came with three of J's nieces whom they are taking care for J's aunty. So you can imagine how lively and noisy our house be every time they come down. Little Skywalker would not need to go to my parents' as he can stay at home and play with J's nieces.

Oh! Back to my topic. In reference to the upcoming DeepaRaya holidays, J and I had taken the whole of next week off (except next Saturday as J ran out of leave). We will be spending the festive season at Skudai (and maybe to Singapore to gate crash Earthtone's place). Yes, I don't think I will be blogging for that period as I don't think many of us are. On our way to JB, we will be dropping by at my old university campus at Malacca (where I spent my first two years stint) to visit a recovered "sick" friend. He promised to belanja me a ten-course meal because I have compiled all of the photos from our Kepong Bloggers Gathering from various sources into a CD for him. Let's hope he will keep to his word :P

All my holiday plan well until my pointy-haired boss call a last minute meeting to drop a ten-tonne job on me and expect me to finish it and show it to him after the holidays. He'd even expect me to cancel my leave that has been approved few weeks earlier. Well, I am NOT about to sacrifice my holiday plans because of work though. Since I normally do not have much to do in JB, I've decided to bring my work (in a notebook instead of my PS2... SIGH!) with me and finish it there if possible. I guess my boss would just have to accept this :P

I also wish to take this opportunity to wish everyone a "Happy Deepavali" and "Selamat Hari Raya"!

p/s: please drive safely as I hope to see you blogging after the holidays! and try not to get caught by traffic police for speeding!

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