Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

PD Trip - The Pool

Since Little Skywalker did not like the sea very much, the only place where he could dip himself in water was obviously the swimming pool. While we were walking about the beach, we went into Guoman Resort to have a look at our honeymoon spot 3 years ago. As we were approaching the swimming pool area, Little Skywalker asked to be put on his feet. Since he rarely asked for that, J let him down. As soon as he "touched down", he ran quickly towards the swimming pool and nearly jumped into it if we had not got hold on him in time. I guess it shows how desperate is he trying to convince his parents that he needs water!

After his surprise act, we took him back and changed him into his swimming underpants and headed to the pool at TNB Resort. The swimming pool we had was quite a disappointment because the children's pool was at 2.5 feet. Since Little Skywalker was only about 75cm tall, he could not play in the pool without someone carrying him. The water level of the usual pool that we brought him swimming at Seri Puri apartment was only up to his waist line. Hence, he could walk about in the pool and fall down without choking on water.

Anyway, J brought Little Skywalker into the pool while I take a few shots. He was ecstatic as soon as he hits the pool (如鱼得水). He was shouting and laughing all the way. Since he could not stand in the pool without getting his head under water, J hold him and played him as if he was a speed boat on the water. They also kept themselves at the side of the swimming pool in case Little Skywalker managed to get loose.

There is a wide separation ground between the adult and the children swimming pool, and it has like 2cm of water over it. Little Skywalker would climb up to that area and run about before jumping into the water again. It took J a lot of strength and effort to catch Little Skywalker in time, so that he could enjoy the jump as well as landing safely in her arms. He resisted any attempts to wear floats on his arms as well as using a round one around him. Sigh! Money went down the drain again...

There was also a mini slide (with water flowing) located at one end of the children's pool. There were a couple of kids playing on the slides and got Little Skywalker's attention. He climbed up the stairs (with J behind him of course) like the other kids to get to the top. However, he did not come sliding down the other end where I was standing by with the camera. Instead, his attention was caught by the pipe that was shooting out water into the slide. Before you know it, he wanted to drink from that pipe! J tried to "push" him down the slide to no avail. In the end, she had to let him get a few sip before he could be distracted. Talk about a weird kid!

I jumped in later to join them after snapping a few photos. We spend almost an hour in the water playing with an inflatable ball before we head back up for a shower. It was already 8pm when Little Skywalker finished his bath and he was showing signs of fatigue. He did not get his afternoon nap as planned because he was too excited to see his parents arrival. J nurse him to bed within minutes and the rest of the gang had to wait another hour before we went out for dinner.

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