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Monday, October 24, 2005

PD Trip - The Beach

By the time we arrived at TNB Resort, my parents were trying to nurse Little Skywalker to nap (since he already went down to the swimming pool in the morning). However, he is too excited to see his parents joining him and couldn't sleep at all after that. J tried her "bare breast" technique to help him sleep but failed as well. Instead, he was walking about the suite and asking us to follow him. It is as if he is trying to show us around, like a host. He even tried to show off his newly picked up skill - walking up and down the 3-steps staircase on himself (while holding the side handles).

Since the main reason that we came was to join Little Skywalker is so that we do not miss his first time on the beach, we decided to bring him to have a walk along the beach. As soon as he heard the words "gai gai" (mandarin for going for a walk), he walked to the front door and waited for us to help him with his shoes. J took him back into the room to change him before going down. He immediately started yelling and yelling, as if we tried to bluff him.

I brought Little Skywalker down to the lobby area first as J needed to pack some stuff. There is a slope (wheelchair friendly type) next to some stairs leading to the beach. It seems that Little Skywalker picked up another new skill and tried to show off (again!) to his father. He kept walking up and down the slope without holding to the side bars. The faster he came down running down the slope, the shorter my life-span get shortened worrying he might fell on his head. Since he is laughing all the way, I didn't wanted to "potong stim" (spoil his fun).

Before we went to the beach, we stopped by at the children's playground. Little Skywalker wanted to have some fun on the slides as he kept walking towards that direction. We had no choice but to adhere to his majesty's wishes. He went up and down the slides with J's help while I snap a few photos of him enjoying himself. I guess he really likes the slides, he seems to be enjoying himself the same way like when we went to Genting.

We continue walking to the beach when J joined us at the lobby. As soon as we step foot on the sandy beach, Little Skywalker let go of our hands and wanted to walk around on his own. It is as if he was already very familiar with the place, and wanted to show off to his parents again. We asked him to enjoy the incoming wave that is splashing off the shore lines. Funny thing happened, he was pointing at the sea and kept mumbling and mumbling something we could not comprehend. From the tone of it, it is as if he is trying to scold give a lecture to the waves! He went on for about five minutes before we asked him to stop.

Since he is walking closer and closer to the water, the next thing we did was to help him take off his shoes, so that he could feel the sandy beach on his feet. When we put him down on his feet, he gave us the you owe me money uncomfortable look. The next word that came out his mouth was "Dirty!". It seems that we taught him too well on taking care for his hygiene. It must be those times where we made him wash his feet because he step out of the house with no shoes on. We tried our best to convince him by taking off our own slippers. Unfortunately, he still refused to go on without his shoes on. My uncle, who came for a walk himself, told us that he behaved the same way in the morning!

No choice... we cleaned his leg a bit and put him back on his shoes. When he saw the sands sticking on his shoes (due to sea water), he began to complaint that his shoes were dirty pulak. J and I were scratching our heads trying to figure out who did this to him! We had to take turns to carry him on his "dirty" shoes, and the sands were sticking to our shirts as well when he started kicking about. What a way of walking the beach with 8kg on your hands!

Soon, we came to a spot where someone had drew a big heart shape on the sands. J asked to put Little Skywalker down so that he can also draw on the sands. I found a little stick that is just nice for Little Skywalker's hand and let him scribble on the sands. J, however, tried to write our son's name inside the heart shape drawing. Little did she knew that she miscalculated the length of our son's name and did not managed to get his name inside the heart. I was laughing at the side while accompanying our son to "write" some stuff. We spent like 10 minutes writing on the sands before we started heading back to the resort.

On our way back, I tried to teach Little Skywalker to pick up little stones and throw it into the water. And guess what he said when he managed to hold a stone on his hand, "Dirty!", and dropped it again. Sigh! We also met a few visitors flying kites and stop to let our son enjoy the view. He was sitting on my shoulders, hence had a clearer view of the kites. After that, we headed back to the swimming pool for an evening swim.

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