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Saturday, October 22, 2005

There Is Something About Her

Well, it's another one of those days that's hard to come by. As most of you might have guessed or suggested, J and I "went to bed" very early (before 8pm!). But before that, I threw a suggestion to J on the way we would spend the weekend - maybe we could head down to PD after J's half day in the office today. Normally I would make the call on decisions like this (since I am the driver and all). However, I hand over the decision making baton over to her for a change.

After "that", I was quite sound asleep. I got up (probably from a mosquito bite) a while later and found that my wife is missing. Not something you discover everyday, huh? The lights outside the room was on, I figure that she went to the toilet for her night pee. Checked the bathroom, she was not there either. However, I heard some "woooooooo.." sound coming from downstairs (where the lights were on as well). Only then I figured that she was vacuuming the floor.

As a "caring and loving" husband, I went down to see what's going on. As soon as I saw her, "So, are we going or not?", she asked. I guess all you women (or maybe it's just her) do the same thing when asked to make a decision, right? She pushed me to decide so that she can pack the luggage before going to work today morning. Well, you might think that I took the bait. But I didn't. I still left it up to her to decide. I went back to bed after that.

This morning, I went to pee (this thing is contagious, I never pee when I sleep before I got married) around 5am. After coming out of the bathroom, I jump back up to the bed, hoping to caress her a bit before I started to snore again. And guess what? She was not there! Oh man! This is starting to get frightening! I was also starving since we did not eat any supper the night before. As I was walking down the stairs, I heard noises coming from the TV! You know, the "eeeeeee..." sound you hear when you TV was switched on but the Astro was not.

I saw her expressing milk (using the pump) in front of some guys playing tennis on TV. "So are we going?", there's that question again! I held it in and told her to decide on this. Then I asked her to make me coffee so that I can have a snack. We continued watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" after that. Throughout the show, I have been shot at with the same question over and over again. But, I still shielded myself :P

It was almost 7am. J went up to pack her stuff after my slight intervention. I told her to pack anyway as it wouldn't hurt to be prepared, just in case she "decides" to go ahead with the PD plan. She ran happily up stairs, pack her stuff, pack even more inflatable stuff for Little Skywalker, pack the cameras and pack our swim suits as well. The only thing she didn't do, was to actually decide whether we are going or not.

I guess that "simple and yet rocket science question" must be frying J's little brain out. She kept reminding me to pack my stuff before I dragged her up the car so that we can go for breakfast before she is late to office. She complained about being tired in the car (with the no-sleep and all) and I asked her, "Why didn't you ask for a MC and we will be at PD already!". She replied, "Why didn't you said it earlier, I could have stayed up all night so that the doctor will believe me!". (FYI, she slept from 10pm to some time before 5am) Even as we headed back to the car after our quick breakfast, she tried restlessly to pull open the door of another car (similar car and paint color, but different car plate number, DUH!), while I was walking to our car parked a few parking lots away!

Let's analyse this. Since I throw in the suggestion of "joining our son at PD's plan" yesterday, J has tidied up and vacuumed the house. Those are the chores that I was made to do every Saturday because some lazy (yet smart) politicians (bless him) decided that five days of work is productive enough for a lousy developing country like ours. Then she packed everything (including the additional fun stuff for our son), reminded me repeatedly (like 9999 times in less than 12 hours) to pack whatever that she didn't managed to pack and wanted to ponteng work (she never do this because she is just too honest!). And yet, she did not bother to tell me her decision!

A bright and good-looking (*ahem) husband like me, are made to see through her decision. You see, women are not used to making decisions (oh! maybe is just her). I don't blame her for that, as she is good with managing our family finances, made sure that I have clothes to wear to work, made sure Little Skywalker poops everyday. But when it comes to "BIG" decisions like this, they try to make our (man) life miserable by asking us to decipher their action and words.

Although she has not officially made up her mind, I guess I have to go back and pack my stuff! My good bet is, we should be at beaches playing with Little Skywalker by this evening. So, expect more of our pictures on Monday folks!

p/s: "Is there a rabbit farm there? or was it a ostrich farm?" - the latest question from her. Go crack the code, guys!!

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