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Monday, October 17, 2005

An Evening To Remember...

Due to the "House" curse, we arrived at Milwaukee Steak Corner at 6.30pm. I dropped my passengers off and managed to find a parking nearby as someone was vacating his spot. From some distance, I can see Jason had already arrived, and found out later he was the only one. I guess the rest of our guest will be running a bit late due to the weather which makes the traffic jam worse.

After some small talk (which most of it surrounded how tall and 'strong-looking' Jason was :P), I proceeded to calling up the rest of the co-organizers. I found out that they will only arrive an hour later, as someone has yet to take his bath yet, and he is the driver for another. Sigh! I guess it will just be me and Jason then, to run the show (撑大局) for now!

The first guest who arrived was Sue, with her little Ivan and her maid. And guess what? She is pregnant (due early next year) as well! OMG! I guess J will need to be impregnated soon so that we will not be left out of the current trend! Sue was a bit shy and say she is quite "new" to the blogsphere. Well, guess what? I have only started blogging since July, so I am as "new" as she is as well! Furthermore, this is my first big bloggers' gathering also!

Peekaboooh arrived a few minutes later. Man! Am I so wrong about her! Since I've only heard of her few days before the gathering when she left a comment saying that she will be coming, I didn't had enough time to read her blog. At first, I thought she was a he! She mentioned she is a "mid age lady" later in another comment. I was told later that she is Suzette's sister as well! To all you single guys out there, go date her even it is for a minute! I tell you, she is beautiful and friendly. Oh yeah! I swear I have met her before during my secondary school days as well (I never forget a face, but the same cannot be said about names), but until now I am still having trouble recalling when and where. Since I am not in the privileged of publishing her gorgeous photos here, you guys will just have to contact her yourself. BTW, you might wanna go by her sister first :P

The next guest to arrive was Twinsmom and her family. I am happy that Twinsdad could make it as well, along with the two belles and Twinsmom's SIL. I quickly introduced myself after she called me egghead. Her twins are so adorable! Hmmm... I wonder Little Skywalker has any chance? (oops... sorry Sweet Sweet :P). This is the first time I met Twinsmom, but it's like I knew her for ages already. FYI, she is a very cheerful person, I don't think there is a single instance throughout the evening where I did not see or hear her laughing. Little did she know that we planned a big surprise for her, in order to make her cry instead!

Next, Willwolf and his son arrived with his new SLR (err.. not SLK OK?). I recognized him at first glance as he looks exactly like his picture posted on his blog. It's nice to meet a BIG taukeh who actually looked like a taukeh! He has a "beer stomach" and a cool hair style to go with his SLR. We talked for a while, and he went on to hunt with his SLR later throughout the evening. He already posted up all the high-quality photos for the evening here! However, there's a catch though, it's password protected. You can get the password from reading his account of the evening.

MSAU, 1+2mom, Zara's mama and Young Brat arrived later. MSAU was sitting at the same table as us. We got to discuss about our children as well as her pregnancy. Most of the talk was done by J since I am never gonna get "a parasite growing inside me" (as said by Dr House). I didn't get much chance to talk to 1+2mom and Zara's mama though, as Little Skywalker's mushroom soup was already here and I was already feeding him. Anyway, I am happy that they could make it and brought their families along. We will always chat online, right?

My other two co-organizers, namely Loc Kee and Milly arrived around 7.30pm (an hour late). I guess it must be Loc Kee's work project that delayed him (so he is forgiven :P). Hence, I can sit down and let them run the rest of the evening. It was only then that I had the time to start taking photos using my camera. Suzette and her family came later as she had a whole evening full of programmes. She even need to attend a full-moon party after the gathering as well. Anyway, I am glad she can spare some time out of her busy schedule to come and meet us.

The highlight of the evening was of course the "surprise" that we planned for Twinsmom. We brought out the cake while she went to the 'little girl's room'. We had trouble lighting up the only candle since the weather was quite windy after the rain (gee... luckily we did not asked for 38 ones). The restaurant owner was cooperative as well as they play the "Happy Birthday" song while the rest of us sing along.

I can see that twinsmom was really surprised and happy with the birthday bash we threw for her. If fact, she was speechless! Milly also presented her with a handmade birthday card that carried the signatures and wishes of everyone that was present there. It's too bad twinsmom didn't cry there, Did anyone see her crying in the washroom? :P

The gathering ended around 9.30pm as all the children are either showing signs of restless or "sleepy-head" already. Most of them gathered around the small river with many fishes as well as the two children ride located in front of the restaurant throughout the evening. As for our Little Skywalker, we forgot to bring his shoes at first, but my sister's friend managed to bring them later from our my parents'. He was running about most of the time and happily mingling with the other kids. I think this is the first time he is among so many of his peers.

Jason, Milly, MSAU, Loc Kee and I even went on to "Yum Cha" at 记得吃 after the big dinner. OMG! You'll be amazed how big Jason's appetite was. I even asked him whether he is human afterall upon listening to all his multiple orders. He even asked me later for places to find good food at Kepong, can you believe it? I guess all the restaurant and food stall owners will be happy to have him around. I mean others will join in too after looking at how Jason eats.

We said goodbye as MSAU husband came to pick her and Siao Qing home around 10.30pm. As soon as we reach home, Little Skywalker was already yawning and wanted to go to bed. He was already half asleep in the car on our way back. Unfortunately, J and I still wanted to see a few episodes of "House" before we go to bed. Hence, we nurse him to sleep in front of the TV.

All in all, I am glad that we get to meet so many bloggers (especially parents) at this gathering. We got the chance to get to know more about the person behind the keyboard. I hope we can do more of such gathering in time to come, and hopefully more bloggers will join the party!

p/s: If anyone felt that any of my photos are offensive of their (or their children) privacy, please leave a comment so that I can remove them ASAP... thanks

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