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Monday, October 10, 2005

A Boring Week...

J wrote this piece last week and sent to me this morning...

If you haven’t noticed, there wasn’t any post about the ‘main character’ of this blog for entire last week. I filed a complaint to the lazy egghead about this and the answer I got is because Little Skywalker has been sleeping early for the entire week, hence he did not take any photo, consequently cannot recall anything to write. Next time, I will force him to take more photo every day (*LOL!). Since my complaint had fallen on deaf ears, I decided to write this myself and force persuade egghead to edit for me.

Normally, Little Skywalker takes an evening nap for 15-30 minutes after he reaches home around 7.00pm. And he normally poops after his evening nap (after re-charging some extra energy?). However for the entire last week, he was so tired that he fell asleep in the car on our way back. I wonder what he’d been up to all day? Busy working, socialising, or doing house chores?

Most of the evenings, he fell asleep in the car and continue to sleep until 9pm when we bring him up to the room. He was half awake, to ‘shi shi’ and ‘do big business’ half asleep as well. After his big business, I wash/clean him while he continues sleeping. Put him on the bed, force him to do some revision (sing song and say a few words) when he asks for McB. After that, he will be sound asleep after a short feeding until the next morning.

On Friday night, he was sleeping again on his little mattress which we put in front of the TV. We were watching Friends for the Nth time. There was a scene where Phoebe and Mike got married. At the end of the wedding ceremony, people were clapping their hands in the show. Once they started clapping their hands, Little Skywalker (with his eyes half-open), sat up and started clapping his hands as well. I actually missed this part because I was in the kitchen. Egghead quickly supported his back because he afraid Little Skywalker might just fell on his back again and hit his head since he was still half asleep. When the characters in the show finished clapping their hand, Little Skywalker also lied down on this stomach and went back to sleep again.

Sometimes when he is wide awake, active and play around a lot, we just hope he can lie down and rest for 5 minutes to let me settle some daily chores. This whole week we got to sleep earlier because I can concentrate and finish up the chores faster without the little guy following me everywhere.

However, we also feel like waking him up to play with us. It seems like very little of his “awake time” is spent with us every day. When we got to see him, he is already into his sleepy mode and slept within half or one hour. The next time we saw him awake again is the next day after work. This weekend we are going to bring him out for more fun and to spend more time with him to cover up the “together time” that we have lost during the weekdays.

Hopefully next week he won’t be so tired. Or else, egghead will have nothing to blog about again :P

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