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Friday, October 07, 2005

Kepong Bloggers Gathering!!

*Another Update

Or should I say "Bloggers Gathering at Kepong"!!

Date: 15th October, 2005
Time: starts at 6.30-7.00pm
Venue: Milwaukee Steakhouse, Metro Prima (confirmed!)

So far, I have been in discussion with Loc Kee, Milly, Jason and Suzette.

Among the from the above, we expect to see MSAU, Twinsmom (sorry ah, hard to contact you if not via IM) as well.

To others who we have yet to receive their official invitations yet (actually I also dunno how to invite people), please contact me or Loc Kee or Milly via email or IM. Better yet, leave a comment here so that we know if you are coming... really need to get a head count soon :P

Hope to see you all!!

Bloggers who have confirmed their attendance with me:
Bloggers yet to confirm but have "high" tendency to attend:
  • Loc Kee - depend on the success of his project, he asked everyone to pray and burn "Heong" 烧香和求神拜佛 for him!
  • sue - still scared to see old kaki, someone please convince her our leg as still young and smooth!
  • jazzmint - apparently likes the food at Milwaukee but... (that's it)
  • james - someone please hire him a secretary to help him plan for coming to this event :P
  • zara's mama - need to ask driver
  • 1+2mom - same as above
  • the rest of the bloggers at my link section!!
Bloggers confirmed not coming, but will come next time:
  • dinah law - want pictures and details on this event later :P
  • jefferene - may drop by to say "hi" if possible wor... coz Yee Ching sleeps at 8pm :)
  • domesticgoddess - she is still waiting for sponsorship on air tickets (from penang) and 5-star hotel accomodations :P
  • miche - she asked you guys to meet her at IKEA on the 3rd Sunday of next month :P
That's all until next update on Monday!!

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