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Monday, October 03, 2005

"Yam Seng" Weekend

Another "pink bomb" for another weekend!!

We need to cut down on our "entertainment" expenses last weekend because we kena bombed by a relative (father's father's brother's son is getting married). The BIG dinner is held at Oversea Restaurant, Amcorp Mall, a 20 minutes drive from my house, not to mention a RM2 return toll fee :P

Due to limited budget, we still took Little Skywalker to Jusco's children playground to have some fun (fun for him playing, fun for his parents watching him play). This was our first trip to Jusco where we didn't buy anything. Well, that's not entirely true since we bought some food from Bee's for supper later. We also met with one of J's colleague, his wife and their twins.

We put Little Skywalker on one of the police car ride again! He was having much more fun this time because those lights on the cars were working (no idea which naughty little genius managed to spoil it the last time). Then, J went with him on his favourite merry-go-round ride. Lastly, J took him to the children play-pen where he spent most of his time in the "pool of balls". This is not his first time in the pool, so he is much familiar with it. Too bad the Jusco staff warned me the last time about taking photos, or else you might get a peek of how well Little Skywalker enjoyed himself better than the real swimming pool.

However, I must warn parents with young toddlers like us, the play-pen is definitely a hazardous place!! Children will be jumping and running and knocking everyone in their way. DO NOT let toddlers in without parents supervision and protection!! I was stepped on, bumped into (hard), screamed at when I was standing still and snapping photos of our son the last time we were in there. What if my son kena all of that??

Our Sunday was spent entirely staying at home, due to the heat and all. We wanted Little Skywalker to have enough rest before his grand appearance at the wedding dinner at night. Unfortunately, Little Skywalker decided not to cooperate with his parents and decided to have his afternoon nap at 5.30pm, half an hour before we were scheduled to leave. Sigh! We had to wake him up for his bath and slipped him into his "make-his-parents-kembang" clothes.

At the dinner, our son was very excited and restless at the same time. He wanted to walk all over the restaurant, squeezing himself through every narrow path between every chairs in his path, with poor J and my parents following him every where he goes. He even wanted to get on the stage at some point when the karaoke session started. When we put him back at his seat, he clapped and sing out loud when he heard people singing on the stage. Hmm.. maybe he wanted to be the next "William Hung" or Malaysian Idol??

The food at the dinner was very delicious. Little Skywalker has great taste like his father for food as well, he walloped almost an entire bowl of sharks' fin soup. He hardly ate other dishes unless it was forced into his mouth. Other than eating, he wanted someone to bring him to the three 福禄寿 statues that were on display near the entrance of the restaurant. He likes to touch them a lot! Luckily he was not strong enough to push one of them to the ground. Maybe this will bring us luck and properity and good health in the future!

The highlights of the evening came when everyone started the "yam seng" ritual. Our son surprised everyone at the table when he asked for his "kut kut" (drinking) bottle and raised it up in the air like the rest of us!! He even start shouting like the rest of us at the table, although not the right words at all. But still, that was quite a sight for a one year old toddler! He even drank from the bottle after the word "Seng!". You can see a clear shot of him doing so here... (note: my mum was holding his cup because he was splashing water everywhere!)

and of course a happy photo with the newly-wed couple at our table... may you two 白头谐老 "grow white hair until you are old"!!

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