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Friday, September 23, 2005

Roseola On The Cards??

I would like to thank mumsgather and mama2jojo for alerting me that Little Skywalker might be having a measles-like condition called Roseola. I went over to Wikipedia to have a better understanding of the condition and its symptoms.

According to Wikipedia, Roseola or baby measles "is a benign disease of children, generally under two years old, whose manifestations are usually limited to a transient rash ("exanthum") that occurs following a fever of about three day's duration" and "Typically the disease affects a child between 6 months and 3 years of age, and begins with a sudden high fever of 102-104 degrees Fahrenheit (39-40 degrees Celsius)".

Well, this describe pretty well of Little Skywalker's condition for the past one week. Since his fever subsided, he began showing red rashes all over his body now, including his face. You may also want to read about mumsgather's experience with her child. My colleague, who just had his second son, also told me about the same experience he had with his eldest son about the same age as my son now. Gee.. I guess everyone has had it before? Why didn't my mum knew about this? Maybe all her children are immune?

Anyway, I already told J and my mum about this thanks to my online friends. They will enquire (not tell, can't stress this more) the doctor about this when Little Skywalker goes for his follow-up appointment later this afternoon. Maybe the doctor would have known about this if my mum didn't influence her into thinking it was viral/bacteria attack during the last appointment. Maybe she ought to read my guideline about being a responsible patient. She even suggested which urine and blood test to order!

Meanwhile, J is still suspecting that our son's condition might have been caused by drinking milk powder that has been left open for far too long. FYI, we have been trying slowly to get Little Skywalker off breastfeeding. Hence, my mum mixes some milk powder with J's breast milk in his daily feeding. Due to low consumption, those S26 milk powder can last up to a few months. I wonder if it is true. Anyway, we will be getting new stock of milk powder for Little Skywalker this weekend, just in case :P

Have to wait again until Little Skywalker finished his appointment to know the outcome...

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