Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Return Of Skywalker

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When I reach home little Luke Skywalker is having his porridge dinner. I expected him to run to me and give me a big hug or ask to be breastfeed like he always when he see me reach home from work. However, he didn’t!! He didn’t call me, didn’t ask for breast milk and he refuses my hug!! He was mumbling something (I blame Jason for this), accompanied by some "fake" laugh and kept looking for toys and insisted that I play with his toys!!

Then, he danced a bit when I turned on the toy’s music for him. So I played with him while he continues eating his porridge. When egghead comes back, Little Skywalker also gave him the same routine - keep handing toys to egghead and making fake/nervous laugh (maybe to cover up his emotion??). It’s only after around 20 minutes playing with him only he give egghead a hug and call him daddy. But he still didn’t ask for breast milk. Maybe he already "forgotten" about breast milk? Maybe he is ready to be wean off already?? I felt kind of lost and disappointed. I guess I’m the one who's not ready to give up breastfeeding!

It was after a while in the car while we headed back to our house he asked for breast milk. I actually felt important again. What a relief! I am needed again...

Back at home, I put him down on his small mattress that he uses for his evening nap. He lie down there for a while, watching TV, rolling here and there, as well as busy talking into his father's handphone. After a while, he took out his toys to play with them and then followed me everyway I go. After he wake up from his evening nap, I stop the house chores and accompanied him. We actually spent the rest of the evening breastfeeding. I guess he misses his breast milk after all.

Yeah, the little guy still remembers his house and his toys, and most importantly, his parents.


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