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Monday, October 03, 2005

Our House Spotted On Google Earth!!

I was among the first ones to download Google Earth when it was first made FREE by Google (duh!). In fact, I have even used the trial version of KeyHole (product name before it was bought over by Google) few years ago. Back then, the maps of Malaysia are made out of very bad resolution satellite photos (or is it manual drawing... LOL).

This morning I read on Jeff Ooi's blog that TV Smith has made an amazing discovery on Google Earth. It seems that satellite pictures for Klang Valley are updated recently. Though the pictures might be at least more than one year outdated, I still wanted to spot the area I am living at. After 10 minutes of searching, starting from KLCC (the obvious two white fat pillars), following all the main roads in KL... and voila!!

I spotted my house easily mainly because there is a big playground field at the back of my house and my neighbour's porch sunroof is very obvious. Isn't it cool to spot your house from the sky? Especially with Google Earth's zooming effect! Kinda felt like you are the Maker or something...

Domestic Goddess warned me about putting the photo up due to fear of stalkers and security issues. So I better warn everyone here. Please DO NOT come between 3km of my house if you are not invited or bear evil intentions towards me or my family! My house is heavily guarded by armed personnel from SeeIA and FBeeEye! In addition to that, there are also multiple security cameras (like those in the movie Panic Room and TV series Las Vegas) installed on every wall in my house! Automatic laser-targetting machine guns are installed on every entrance as well in the event of "unwelcomed" entry!!

If you are living in KL area, PJ, Bangsar, Damansara and so on, try to find your house!! It'll be cool!!

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