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Monday, October 10, 2005

Milwaukee Steak Corner - Family Restaurant

As you might have know, we are going to have a bloggers gathering at the Milwaukee Steak Corner this coming Saturday evening. FYI, J and I bring Little Skywalker there at least twice a month because of various reasons.

Firstly, the Milwaukee is a family restaurant, 70% of the people who dine there brought their families along. There are something for everyone. The adults can dine in a quiet (despite babies and kids running about - Little Skywalker is one of them) place with Elvis singing in the background. The young couples can have a romantic candle-light dinner under some dim lightings in some corner. There are more than enough baby chairs for everyone. Kids and babies (who can walk) will be definitely intrigued by the small man-made river (with a mini-bridge over it) with quite a number of colorful fishes (金龙鱼?) swimming in it. Apart from that, they have a nice aquarium with 3-4 baby SHARKS swimming in it as well.

Secondly, the prices of the food are quite reasonable to us (at least for the same dishes we ordered almost every time). It cost both of us (along with Little Skywalker) less than RM50 to stuffed our stomachs to the max, with some leftovers. However, I must caution that stingy people like us hardly order any expensive dishes. We normally have chicken chop, maryland, spaghetti or at most vale when we dine there.

Thirdly, the restaurant serve a variety of dishes including seafood (fish, salmon, prawns, crabs, shark's fins), lamb, steak (duh!), chicken, escargot, sausage and ham, ostrich, vale etc. For herbivore diners, they serve various kinds of salads as well. The side dishes that comes with every main course meal changes from time to time. And I must say, they are done it a very creative way, and a good combination as well.

Lastly, the staff at Milwaukee are very friendly, especially to toddlers and kids. Little Skywalker has made many friends there after two or three trips while his parents enjoyed wonderful and efficient treatment thanks to his "charming influence" on others. Hmm.. perhaps we should take advantage of his unique influence for more perks while we still can!

Gee... I bet you must be thinking the Milwaukee actually pay me to write a whole bunch of crap marketing advertisement for them! Well... I must make it clear once and for all. I have NO business or private interest in the Milwaukee restaurant or whatsoever. In fact, I had only just gotten to know the name of the person in charge of the cashier last Saturday when I wanted to book a private section to throw our coming bloggers bash this weekend. So as you can see, before that, we were just on a smile and nodding basis with everyone working there, except for Little Skywalker, as a few of the staff likes to carry him around while we eat in peace :P

Back to our bloggers meet, I have verbally booked a sizable section of the restaurant to our disposal. I will call them up on Friday to confirm the booking. They have reassured me that they have more than enough baby-chairs to cater for everyone although I told them there are more than 10 babies coming. As for the sensitive issue of "billing and payment", good (or is it bad for people who's banging on the hope that I was paying for everyone :P ) news! Every family (or those who wish to sponsor another) can order separately and have a separate bill for themselves (A-A style!). Just make sure you order separately.

As for the directions to Milwaukee, I think I will ask Jason to help to draw up a location map, since he claimed that he is good at it. As for those living at Kepong area, the Milwaukee Steak Corner is located at Metro Prima, next to the Kepong Jaya Jusco (or Jusco Metro Prima) along Jalan Kepong. It is between a big Senheng shop and a Focus Point/England Optical shop. There is also a KFC+Pizza Hut restaurant nearby. I have posted a location map here (thanks to Senheng) for your reference. Too bad the map didn't show clearly for people who are coming by means of LDP. Well, if you have problems coming, kindly contact me at 012-xxxxxxx... oops!! I mean leave your email at the comments and I will tell you my number :P

On the question of transport and parking, I assume everyone will be coming on their own transport, apart from the people who have told me to arrange for them. I am be honest on the parking issue. The parking is free around the Metro Prima area. However, if you arrive on 7pm onwards, you will have to circle the area for 2-3 rounds before someone vacate their spot. A useful tip for you would be to leave your wife and kids (if any) in front of the restaurant before you go on your parking hunt. Otherwise, everyone might have to walk some distance :P

If you have any further enquiries, please put it at the comments section, or drop me an email or Yahoo! me (my Yahoo ID and email can be viewed in my profile).

See you at the gathering!!

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