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Friday, October 14, 2005

Final Count Down...

Well... tommorow is the day for a much awaited "Blogger's Gathering at Kepong".

This is just a final confirmation of the people that has "signed up" for the event:

Please inform me if there is any changes or additions to the above list before 5.00pm today because I will be booking the place this evening. The staff there need an estimate of adults and children attending so that they can arrange tables, chairs and baby chairs.

As for food and billing, you can start ordering food as soon as you arrive at the Milwaukee Steak Corner. Unless you wish to pay for everyone (which is most welcomed!!), please make a seperate order for you and your family. That way, you will be billed seperately.

As for the agenda of the evening, the organizers did not think there will be enough time to plan anything since some of us might leave early due to the unpredictable nature of chilren. However, Jason has came up with a special surprise event. It will remain a secret until the gathering though. We hope most of you can stay for the event, it will be a short not-so-long one.

If any of you need further directions to the venue, please contact me on handphone (012 3088 958). The map is available here as well.

Another thing, the restaurant is not air conditioned, but there are many fans around and it is always windy. The only place that is equipped with air condition are the washrooms (weird huh?). So if you or you kids cannot stand the "heat" of the party, you are welcome to chill out in the washrooms. Just be careful not to fell asleep in there :P

Looking forward to meeting everyone tommorow!

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