Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

HOT Stuff On The Beach

When J and I were taking Little Skywalker to walk along the beach on the 9th mile, we could see a lot of stuff being washed up to the shores by the strong waves. Among the stuff we saw were bottles, tree logs, branches, plastic bags, slippers, plastic toys etc. Unfortunately, I am too stingy to waste any space in my memory card by snapping photos of them. However, I did took a picture (click on picture to have a clearer view) of something which is most peculiar to be washed up by the waves. I told J it either came from a cruise ship, or we might have missed some hot action on the beach the previous night (or even day)!

p/s: I heard Buaya69 was at PD the same time we were there... maybe he got lucky!

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