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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shame On The Society!!

I read this, and subsequently it lead me to this on the newspaper. After that, I felt truly ashamed of being a part of our local society (yeah! sad to say that you are part of it as well). No offence to Muslims readers and their religion (especially it is the Holy month now), I am appalled by the so-called "moral guardians" as well as our local police force who is trying to do everything in their might to humiliate the said young woman.

Nobody is a Saint here! Everyone makes their own mistakes. Some mistakes are bound to be serious than others, and some lead to unforeseen birth of innocent child (as the above case). Religion laws aside, but aren't we forgetting who is the biggest victim here? It is not the society values, it is not the poor young lady, IT IS THE BABY!!

The baby being born out of wedlock is still a baby. She has no idea that she was born "illegally". She did not choose to be born into an ugly society like ours. And she definitely did not deserved to be looked down upon by hypocrites like us! She is a child, a blessing from God to anyone lucky enough to have one. If her mother cannot afford to give her ample care and love, I am sure someone out there are willing to do so. The little soul does not have to bear the consequences of some mistake committed by her parents (or in this case her parent and a complete coward). The little soul does not have to live in shame among the society just because she did not have a father's name on her birth certificate. And more importantly, the little one deserves love and care just like anyone else!

I think we need to take a moment to reflect on our own conscience. Have we ever make mistakes throughout our lives? Just because our mistakes is not as serious as hers (that is another hypercritic comparison), does it gives us the right to cast the first stone?

It is not the KLIA, KL Tower or even the KLCC that bring our country towards a developed nation. It is not how much academic performance or how many Nobel prizes awarded to our people that show we are indeed developed people. There is great shame in claiming "Developed Nation" when our society are judgmental, unforgiving and hypocrites!

This post was done out of rage after reading the above two links. I meant not to offend anyone or any religion for that matter, but to remind everyone that we are human after all, we make mistakes from time to time. It is the ability to forgive that seperates us from animals and make us great!

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