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Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Not So Proud Member!!

As you all might (most probably not) noticed, I have added a new logo to my side bar as agreed upon joining that club. Although I am "not so proud" of it, but I am binded by "legal" contract to do it when I signed the application form :P

A little background, the club or clan or gangster group or whatever you call it was founded by that ham sap fella I came to know a few months back (after get attracted to some sexy photos of whom I thought was his wife!). It is an exclusive club and membership is based on invitation or recommendation by a fellow board member only. However, we do "look the other way" occasionally if you are willing to "convince" us with certain gifts (preferably cash, playboy magazines, posters of baywatch models etc). You'd even have go go through a few stages of exams in order to qualify for a FULL membership! It's members are currently comprised of perverted but married guys (most of them already has kids) and still has a passion for sexy boobies ladies.

The board members (including myself, him, him and him) just had our first meeting yesterday (via MSN to save cost). The only main agenda was to decide on the contents and timetable for each of us to update on the club's official website. After some "heated" debates (most of it filled with references to our competitors like this and this), I was assigned to do my job on Tuesday. My previous postings on our website can be found here, here and here.

You can see this as a marketing stint for a new club in town! Since you (and I meant all you SAHM and working mummies, including some young adults) gave your comments heavily in entries such as this and this. I am forcing thought you all might be interested to show your support (by traffic) to our website!

For all the dadies who happen to catch this (I meant only those who are of the same nature), you can forward your application to me or anyone of the board members mentioned above. We will review your applications (as well as your contributions to the club) and give you a reply within 14 working days. Please don't bother to apply if you do not have any contributions or if you are gay :P

Remember our club's moto: NO LAUBEHHIUT... NO TALK!

p/s: the minutes of the board meeting baru posted by Buaya this morning... and he forgot to include the timetable pulak :P

p/s 2: now only I realized that I am known as octopus (can raba here and there one wor) pulak... shit!

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