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Monday, November 07, 2005

A Horrifying Experience...

This post is not for those who scared easy or have a weak heart!

We came back from JB last Friday, we found that our house was colonized by a group of fierce mosquitoes, and there was a bee's nest at one of our wooden window frame. J was obsessed with the bee's nest and decided to crush it into pieces as soon as we enter the house. Me, on the other hand, was using my ultimate weapon to annihilate the new colony that have infested our beautiful home while we were away for almost a week.

During the night, I was playing with Little Skywalker on the bed as usual, while J was having her bath and preparing for bed. Suddenly, J walked into the room (with her towel on) and expressed a horrifying look on her pale face...

J: Do you wanna hear something horrifying?
E: Huh? What is it? *OMG... you are the brave one who is not afraid of ghost... and now you are telling me about it??
J: I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom just now, then...
E: Yeah? *Oh man, does this mean that we have to move?? Imagine the huge cost involved!!
J: Suddenly ah...
E: *Shit!! My hands are prepared to shield my ears from listening further!
J: I noticed ah...
E: *Face already half pale, but Little Skywalker was showing a lot of interest though
J: A cacing came out of my mouth leh... when I rinse!
E: *Cannot believe what I was listening, paused for a moment, then broke out in laughter!
E: Is it coming out of that hole you said you had in one of your teeth? (FYI, J complained about a black hole in one of her teeth and wanted to get it fixed while we were in JB. Too bad her dentist went on leave!)
J: No lah! I think is from the tap water leh!
E: Well... maybe you are right! Since we shut off our main tap before we left, I guess it must have dried up and some small creature might have slipped in into our water tank, and into the pipes.
J: I think you better use the shower (who gets directly from our main pipe) when you wanna rinse your mouth after brushing.
E: Sure... I'll let the tangki water run a bit while I am in the bathroom.
J: Yeah... make sure nothing comes out of it ever again!
E: *Phew! I thought you were "seeing things" in there!
J: Yeah right... as if they will come after me instead of you :P

I guess I might have to leave some water running when we are away for a long period. I got this advice from J's boss as a security measure. He pointed out that some thieves might find out that no one is in the house if there is no water flowing into the drain. Hence, he always left a little tap water running when he is away. You might want to do the same to avoid the above "horrifying " incidence at your home.

p/s: I found J's toothbrush missing from the usual hanging place, and found it later in the rubbish bin

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