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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Well, kena spammed by some eat-full-backside-itchy fella from Malacca (who should be spending his time doing some hard studying if he wishes to continue his study). I think it started from LeeCS (as guilty) as a Halloween thing and somehow it became localized already.

Anyway, since I am not so much in the mood of doing my work, might as well create something to maintain my site traffic. So, here it is...

Stop by their blogs and leave a comment on their latest post saying, “You have just been ‘Hari Raya’-ed! Come over and grab your ‘lemang’, ‘ketupat’, ‘dodol’, ‘kuih-muih’ and green packets!”
Copy and paste the “Hari Raya” GIF somewhere on your blog so that everyone can see that you have been “Hari Raya”-ed and will not “Hari Raya” you again. This will also let you know who you can “Hari Raya.”

Link to this post (or a post of your own) for directions, grab all the Malay foods and go “Hari Raya” 4 bloggers on your sidebar (Preferably, somewhere you have not commented in a while or a blog you have never commented before or new to the blogosphere.) and share some linky love!

I am passing on the baton to Twinsmom and that fella who got lucky for the second time. You can go curse that "giant" in Malacca for this :P

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