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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Fast One

I am having a 56K (or way below that) connection here in my PIL's place in Skudai, JB. So, this will be a short update on our trip so far...

We left KL around 7pm after bringing Little Skywalker to say his goodbyes to my parents as they will be missing him for the next one week. We arrived at Malacca to have our dinner with the recently-recovered-from-food-poisoning blogger, who was there to finish up his new blog site. Pay him a visit if you will, but don't praise him too much :P

Jason took us through some heavy buka puasa traffic in Malacca town, until we came to a satay celup place he told us on the phone earlier. The two shop lot restaurant only serves satay celup, and nothing else. Hence, Little Skywalker would have to settle with eating taufu and fishballs only (without any sauce). I guess Jason didn't really thought about the little guy when he picked out the dinner spot huh? The food was great though for us, and it only cost us around RM25 for all of us. You should be surprised since Jason's appetite was non-human :P

We headed back into the PLUS highway around 10pm and continued our journey. There were no traffic along the highway and we managed to arrive exactly midnight. My PIL had already opened the gate for my car to park inside. Everyone was still wide awake to welcome us Little Skywalker. Since he slept through most of the journey, he was wide awake when we arrived.

I will continue to post a few write-ups (without photos due to slow connection) for the next few days in case my memory deteriorates. Signing off for now!

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