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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More On Cacing...

Below is J's detail illustration on the cacing story:

I think the cacing must have got stucked at my toothbrush when I rinse it with water. I actually rinsed it extra times before I apply the toothpaste on it because I didn't use it for a few days.

So, after brushing for the first time, and rinsing the toothbrush, I saw some 'dirt' stucked on my toothbrush. So I rinse it further until all the toothpaste was gone.

And OMG!!! I saw half a cacing stuck in the middle of my toothbrush!! Which means the 'dirt' I saw before was the cacing which was crushed into many pieces while I brushing my teeth ler..

Yeeeeeeeekkk!!.... I quickly gaggle my mouth... but I stopped half way.. as there might be more cacing from the pipe ler....pui pui pui.... How?? I turned and saw the shower and quickly use the shower to wash my mouth (like what egghead describe in his comment)

p/s: For the record, she didn't mentioned anything like the above before I replied to all of your comments. Everything I said was purely based on my crazy imaginations. Talk about a coincidence huh?

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