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Monday, April 03, 2006

Car Lag

After driving some 500km to-and-fro back from hometown due to the Ching-Ming festival, I am experiencing what I termed as "Car Lag" (similar to jet lag but this only happens within the same time zone). Plus, I had to finish off a huge task at work which is due tomorrow. I was supposed to be working throughout the weekend but I just hate the idea of working during off hours. It might give my boss the idea that I had no life or no better things to do than come to work.

Due to the above reasons, I will not be able to punch a meaningful entry today and will not be able to respond to your comments for the previous two posts. However, I promise to do it tomorrow if everything goes will today.


p/s: Thanks for all your well wishes to both my grandmother and mother, will update on that later

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