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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shopping Frenzy!

Last weekend was a shopping frenzy for our family for no apparent reason. I guess the main reason is we always delay buying our stuff and ended up had to buy all of them at the same time when everything started to wear or run out...

The frenzy started on Friday afternoon when I went to Kota Raya to get myself a new mobile phone after lengthy negotiation and approval from J. I just had to change my old Samsung C100 because it frequently shut off by itself when someone call or in the middle of a conversation. Most of the time, it will perform its automatic shut-down sequence when some of my important clients are calling me (sigh!). I could not stand it anymore and decided to get a new phone instead.

After surveying the market for a few weeks, I decided to get the Motorola SLVR 7. I bought an AP set (not related to Rafidah Aziz, the automotive industry or what-so-ever) at Kota Raya at RM790. The price is much cheaper there as compared to Sungai Wang. The old C100 will probably go to my grandmother, hopefully she will learn how to use it.

On Saturday evening, J and I brought Little Skywalker to shop at Jusco. Due to Jusco sale, J got herself a piece of white-with-orange shirt while I got myself a pair of work pants since my old one could hardly contain my expanding tummy (which is standing at 34").

We also went to the famous Diethelm sale to try our luck for the first time. It seems that there was another sale going on elsewhere but we didn't knew about it. It was an eye-opener for me as the place was "people mountain people sea" and there was hardly any space left to walk about. We used to bring along a small mobile fan to keep Little Skywalker cool but the battery decided to let go on that particular hot afternoon. We managed to grab the last few packets of MamyPoko (only small packets left) at a cheaper rate. We also got ourselves some cookies, Toblerone bars as well as a couple of Fisher-Price toys for Little Skywalker.

Little Skywalker was wore out after the visit to Diethelm. He was fast asleep as soon as we arrived at home. I got an SMS from Loc Kee later in evening to go on a yam-cha session with his family at Secret Recipe nearby. Little Skywalker had fun playing with Sweet Sweet while we adult just sit by and watch the kids interact with each other. To reward Little Skywalker patience and good behavior throughout the whole weekend, we decided to bring Little Skywalker to the playground after that.

There you go, a whole weekend of money spending. Hopefully the next frenzy will not be so soon. Oops! We forgot to get Little Skywalker's formula milk! Will get it this weekend instead :P

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