Little Luke "Skywalker"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Some dialogs that took place at our living yesterday evening...

LS: *holding a SLVR 6 brochure on one hand and my C100 in another* Same! 一样的!
E: *continue watching TV*
J: Eh... I think he is trying to say something...
LS: Same! 一样的!
E: Huh? 什么一样的? (What is same?)
LS: *putting my C100 on top of the brochure* Neh! 一样的! Same!
E: Oooooh! Yeah! 一样的! 是咯! 厉害蜗! (You're right, same one! Clever boy!)

He was referring to the similarity of my C100 when compared to the picture of the SLVR 6 printed on the brochure.


I would usually put Little Skywalker on my lap every evening when we got home and talk about his day with him (asking him whether he was a good boy, whether he went gai-gai, whether he is full, any pain pain here and there etc.). Yesterday, he managed to steer our usual topic somewhere else...

LS: 做什么有 hole 的? (Why got hole one?)
E: 什么 hole? (What hole?)
LS: *pointing at the holes in my shirt* Neh! 这个 hole... (This hole!)
E: 是咯! 有 hole hor? 做什么 hah? (Yeah lor, got hole hor? Why ah?)
LS: 做什么 hah? (Why hah?)
E: Mummy lor! 你去问她做什么有 hole 的? (You go ask mummy why got hole?)
LS: *climb down from my lap and headed towards J at the kitchen shouting* Mummy! Hole! Papa hole!

It's really amazing watching him pick up his speech so fast nowadays! We can almost strike a normal dialog with him as if he is a three years old already. Hope to learn more about him as he learns how to further express himself...

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