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Friday, March 17, 2006

Yes Minister - Official Reply

A minister was looking at the huge pile of paper work that is on his IN tray and whining about it to his secretary.

M: Minister ; S:Secretary

M: What am I suppose to do with all these correspondence?

S: You do realize you don't actually have to.

M: Don't I?

S: Not if you don't want to, we can draft an official reply.

M: what's an official reply?

S: It just say the minister thank you for your letter and say something like "the matter is under consideration". Or even if the need be, "under active consideration".

M: What is the difference?

S: Well, under consideration means that we've lost the file. Under active consideration means that we are trying to find it. You just have to transfer all the letters from your IN tray to the OUT tray, put a brief note to mark if you wish to see a reply, and if you don't, you need never see or hear of it again....

M: You mean seriously to say that if I transfer everything from here (*pointing to the IN tray) to here (*pointing to the OUT tray) without even reading it, that's all I have to do?

S: Yes!

M: It will be dealt with?

S: Precisely!

M: Properly?

S: Immaculately!

p/s: No wonder all the newspaper ever shown are official replies... LOL!

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