Little Luke "Skywalker"

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bottoms Up!

It may come natural for most toddlers to drink milk from a bottle, and most likely holding their own bottle by the time they approach the age of two. Unfortunately, it is not the case for our Little Skywalker who has been breastfeed for almost 20 months now. My parents (his babysitters) feed him formula milk using a cup and a spoon during the day, while my wife, J would breastfeed him to bed during the night. Since two months ago, J started to feed him at least 2-3 ounces of formula from the bottle every night. It will take him at least 15 minutes to finish that small amount of formula as he prefers to suck directly from the breast.

As for me, I will man-handle Little Skywalker every Saturday morning by myself as my wife is working half day. It is surprisingly much easier for me to "make" him drink out of a bottle if I shower him with enough distractions. Typical stuff that can make him "high" are Friends theme song MTV, The Sound of Music, the spinning fan, Chicken Little, empty promises to bring him out for "gai gai" etc. On a good day (like last Saturday), he will even hold on to the milk bottle by himself and drink from it without any "encouragement and persuasion" from his daddy.

As a boy, I hope he can stop being so clingy to his mother's breast and start to accept the fact that he will be on the bottle only soon. We really hope that he will be fully off breast milk by the time he reaches his second birthday. It's only less than four months from now, do wish us luck!

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