Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, March 06, 2006

Big Boy's Toy

Since Little Skywalker got the courage to go on his electric bike at home, he's been asking us to let him ride almost everyday. Now we wished he didn't want to ride the bike because it's quite tiring to steer him around the house (as he still don't know how to manuever), especially after working for a whole day! I will always tell him, "No battery already... tomorrow go buy ah... good boy...". Poor kid!

One fine Saturday evening, we went the Jusco as usual to let him have some air-conditioned fun at the children playground. I guess he misses his bike a lot as he kept asking to go on the superbike arcade. Since both his hands are still far too short to reach the handles, he tried desperately to stretch his body before giving up after a few futile attempts. (picture sequence from left-right and top-down)

I think he really misses his own bike...

p/s: will put him on his bike this evening, hope he'll forgive me

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