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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Sad Lesson to Many...

While the rest of the country is busy debating and discussing about the price increase of fuel, I was quietly reading other more serious matter that is affecting our society. Since Little Skywalker came into our lives, I am more sensitive to news related to children and families.

A few minutes ago, I read about two very very sad news report of such nature. First is a report about a depressed mum who committed suicide. That's not the worst part, she even dragged her daughter along when she leaped to her death. Her daughter (four years old) died on the spot while the mother died in the hospital later. I do not want to speculate the cause of her depression, but I do want to stress that we should seek counseling or advise at the first sign of depression or mental problems.

In my part, I always ask J about problems she's having at work, at home, between us as well as our son. Although she feels silly of me asking such questions from time to time, but I think is important for us to talk things out instead of waiting for a time bomb to explode. Since our society do not have a culture or even afford to go to a mental health doctor, we will have to deal with such problems ourselves at the initial stage, and seek help when it becomes too serious.

The second news report is about a father who accidentally killed his 19-month old daughter when he reversed his lorry into her, pinning her down under the tyres. I can't begin to imagine the horror that befall upon the said father. Imagine going through life knowing that your mistake actually caused the death of your own child. That being said, I am 100% certain that he really needs a long period of psychology counseling for him to overcome supress his demons from haunting him!

With all the medical advances, we are still very very far from treating the heart of all illness... our brain!

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