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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Her First Time!

Barely a week (actually a few hours shy of a week) we got our new car, some irresponsible idiot went and took away her "virginity"! And that's not even the worst part...

Yesterday, I parked my car at the usual staff parking area. I always park at a legal parking because I arrive very early in the morning. Cars who arrive half an hour later will either have to park else where or they will park illegally provided they leave some space for others to maneuver about. A guard will be there to "direct the traffic". This is the usual setting in a hospital where parking are never sufficient, even for its own staff!

I drove back to my parents' to pick up Little Skywalker as usual. As we were about to step out of the house, I was shocked to notice that a corner of my car plate was missing! I exclaimed to J, "Yoh! Someone banged my car! Shit!". I rushed out to check on our brand new "baby" and found more scratches off the bumper as well! Sigh! Although the scratches are minor and not noticeable from afar, the missing edge of the car plate was most significant!

The worst part of it all was, I do not know who, what and when did it happened! It obviously happened at the hospital car park. My guess would be some sleepyhead who did not get enough sleep the night before. He/she must have over maneuver his/her car and kissed my car's attractive and seductive bumper. Well, at least he/she could have left a note with his/her phone number on it so that I can claim for my damages, right? After all, we will be still parking at the same area everyday!

I will have to make another trip (the first trip was to fully tint my car) to the workshop this weekend to touch up on the paint as well as replace the car plate. Hopefully the costs will be a minimal since it's only some scratches on the bumper, instead of the car's body...

I pray that this will never happen again... but hey! It's KL...

p/s: just filled up the car this morning and it costs about RM10 more after the increase

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