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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Good Passenger

Due the little accident, I decided to check out the price I have to pay to make my new car perfect again. Obviously, the only time I could do it is during the weekend when I am not working. Since we had brought Little Skywalker to my parents on two previous Saturdays (one due to my freelance job and one for getting the car screens tinted), I did not want to spend another Saturday without Little Skywalker again. J was not confidence enough to pilot the new car. Hence, I will have to fetch her to work and back with Little Skywalker at the passenger seat with no baby seat!

I was quite worried the night before about what will happen if our naughty son decides to behave like a monkey instead of a good little boy at the passenger seat. I guess I might have to make a few stops or drive at 20km/h with the hazard lights on. It's partly (probably all) my fault that he likes to jump around in the car as I always like to put him "driving" on my lap when the car is stationary. I even taught him how to start the car with the key, switch on the lights, the air-condition as well as the radio. Before we go out to "gai gai", he will ask for the car key and prepare to be carried to the driver's seat for the "initiation sequence". At this rate, he'll probably learn how to drive by the age of four if only his legs are long enough to reach the pedals!

The Saturday finally came! After we dropped off J at her office, Little Skywalker wants to come to the driver's lap once again! I let him play around with the steering for a while to get it out of his system. After that, I put him on the passenger's seat and told him to sit quietly. Then I strap the seat belt on him (while telling him police might catch him without the seat belt) with one over his tummy and another over the head-rest so that it won't hang around his neck. I gave him our house keys and my wallet to "hold properly" and off we went!

Throughout our journey home, I kept talking to him on various stuff (ask him where he wants to go, what's in the wallet, what he wants to eat... etc.) while concentrating my eyes on the road. Our trip home took at least 30 minutes (more than double the usual duration due to the repair works at MRR2). Little Skywalker managed to pull off another surprise as he sat there happily and still throughout the entire journey! It was like a dream come true! Our little boy has finally grown up!

Since he is such a good boy, I decided to bring him out again later to the workshop to get an estimate on the repainting cost on our way to fetch J from work (by the way, I am still considering). Again, he sat there quietly, holding my wallet and the house keys. He will ask for his mummy once a while but that's it! J was as surprised when I told him how well Little Skywalker behaved in the car even without her! We are so proud that our son has accomplished another important milestone - being a good car passenger!

Does this means that I can bring him anywhere without J on Saturday morning?

p/s: really sorry for not replying all your comments for the past few days, kinda swarmed with work. Will ask J to do it!

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