Little Luke "Skywalker"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New "Bed"

Little Skywalker's has his own cot since he was born. However, he still like to sandwich himself between his parents and take away the chances of having another sibling every night. We decided it was about time for him to start sleeping on his bed instead. J managed to stack up two mattresses and put them beside our bed as his new "bed". We gave up on the idea of putting him in his cot as he managed to climb and fell over once (luckily he landed on our bed... Phew!). For the last few days, he seems to love his new bed. He would play on his own bed before we go to sleep. However, due to the fact that he is still on breastfeeding, he still sandwich himself when it comes to bed time. Since J would be already asleep by the time Little Skywalker goes into his dreamland, no one bother to put him on his "bed"...

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