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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Green" Lungs and "Fresh" Air

We did something very different last Sunday for our weekend outings. J and I decided that we should bring Little Skywalker to the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), which is located near Loc Kee and that Potential Mum's residence (you can ask them for directions). The last time I've been there was about 7-8 years ago during my secondary school days. It's the first time for both J and Little Skywalker.

Since we are too stingy to pay the RM5 entrance fee for our car, we parked our car outside the FRIM and paid RM2 for individual entrance. What a big mistake we've made! It was a really long walk on a narrow sidewalk just beside the main road (where many cars were traveling). The sidewalk was not even wide enough for all three of us side-by-side. Worst of all, there wasn't any map of the FRIM anywhere! We must have walked for at least 1km before we reached a pond where we could sit down and have some rest. We couldn't find the water fall or anything interesting for Little Skywalker to enjoy.

We decided to head back to our car after Little Skywalker hang around the pond for a while. He did managed to see some tortoise and fishes swimming in the pond. The air is not as clean as we hoped to be as there were many cars moving in and out (not to mention some noisy and dirty motorcycles). As the walking path is just at the side of the main road, we took in quite an amount of smoke into our lungs. So much for green environment! We left the FRIM with a disappointed heart. Maybe we'll drive in on our next trip, thereby contributing to the noise and air pollution!

I managed to find a map (click to see bigger map) of FRIM at their website this morning. I think you all should take a look at it before you decide to go for a visit. Remember to drive you car in if you are going with toddlers. Otherwise, it will be quite dangerous and hazardous to their health!

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