Little Luke "Skywalker"

Monday, March 27, 2006

Talk 3 Talk 4

J gave Little Skywalker his straw-based drinking bottle to drink from. He was happy sucking away until you can hear the sound of him sucking up wind when the water ran out. He came to me holding his bottle...

E: 没有了啊? (Finish liao ah?)
L: 还有! (Still got!)
E: Huh? *took the bottle from him and shake it to check, still got very little left
E: 没有了 lor... (No more already lor...)
L: 还有! (Still got!)
E: 哪里还有? *shake the bottle to show him (Where still got?)
L: 有! Little bit! (Got!)
L: 有 leh! Little bit! (Got leh!)


Yesterday night, I decided to sleep at Little Skywalker's "bed" to see what's his reaction...

E: 我睡你的 bed bed hah! 你睡上面! (I sleep at your bed hah! you sleep up there!)
L: 不要! *while still nursing (No!)
E: 做什么不要? 你睡 papa bed, 我睡你的 bed lah! (Why not? You sleep papa's bed, I sleep your bed lah!)
L: 不要! (No!)
E: 酱 papa 睡哪里? (Then where papa going to sleep?)
L: 这边! *pointing to the spot next to him (Here!)
E: 不要! 我睡这边! (No! I sleep here!)
L: *stopped sucking and sat up straight while looking at me with an annoyed face
E: 你跟妈妈睡 lah! (You sleep with mama lah!)
L: Papa go way! (his version of go away)
L: Papa go way! *while coming down to halau me away from his private property

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