Little Luke "Skywalker"

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Went Up Hill

The three of us will be heading up to Genting Highland for our first family vacation for 2006 tomorrow and won't be coming back until Tuesday. This will be our third trip there since Little Skywalker was born. Although most of our activities up there remains the same on every trip, but we will always experience something new from Little Skywalker.

Little Skywalker was less than 10 months old when we brought him up there for the first time. We ended up carrying him everywhere we went. He could already sit by himself by then. Our second trip was on last September when he was just over one year old. He could walk a bit (albeit in a drunkard manner) already by then. Due to his "independent mindset" and hard-headedness, he preferred to follow his own directions instead of following his parents. Consequently, we ended up carrying him for most part of the trip. Is either that or chasing after him and watching him fall down everywhere.

He is three months shy of his second birthday now. J and I are very excited to see how he has changed since our last trip. We are quite eager to see whether he still remembers about our previous trips to Genting. We hope he will be going on more rides since he was quite "chicken" the last trip. Mostly, we hope he will not be too naughty and make us carry him around again.

So, there will be no update until Wednesday... check back for more!

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