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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Opening Doors to Strangers

We came back from Tesco after some shopping activities and were about to drive into our house. It was pouring cats and dogs and I could hardly see anything beyond 10 meters while driving. As J went down to open the gate, I could see a Malay guy taking shelter in front of my (next door) neighbour's house as their sun shade extended about 30cm beyond their gate. I could also see a motorbike parked next to him and it was marked Pos Malaysia. It's quite obvious that he is a postman having to work on a rainy Saturday.

As we enter our home, I suggested to J that we invite the poor fella in for a shelter from the cold and wet weather. She agreed. So, I took an umbrella and welcomed the guy into our house. He insisted on standing at the porch area and was reluctant to come into the living room because his jacket was all wet. I could see him shivering in the cold. After some convincing, I managed to persuade him to come into the house for some hot drink.

J offered him a dry towel and lay down another on the sofa for him to sit on. Otherwise, he would have insisted on standing at the door mat. Little Skywalker was a little scared to see a total stranger sitting in the living room. He kept clinging to his parents while reaching out to the stranger. We had to turn off the fan as we could see that he is still shivering from the cold. J boiled some water and offered him a cup of Nescafe.

We engaged in some light conversation while watching Star Trek DVDs. I came to know that he lives at a nearby taman. His office is located at Jinjang area. I was in the middle of fixing my remote control as well while he makes small talk with Little Skywalker. After some 10 minutes of communicating, Little Skywalker was no longer afraid of him anymore.

It was almost half an hour before the rain began to ease down and finally stopped. He continued on his mail delivery after offering his gratitude to us for sheltering him from the bad weather.

After he left, I can't stop wondering why did our neighbour kept him in the cold weather like that. Aren't we supposed to be heading towards a civilized and caring society?

p/s: Sorry for not replying your comments for the last few posts, got too much work piled up before and after our short vacation. Will get right on it tomorrow. More pictures to follow too!

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